Win7 in the flagship version of the video to cause the cup exploded table what to do

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The problem with the high CPU footprint of video playback in the Win7 flagship is that many users are particularly upset, sometimes even more than 90% of the CPU occupancy rate, we all know that the higher the CPU value of the computer's hardware damage, which is like a computer like a second wife of the users how much heartache, And the playback video CPU is too high and what should be good? Today, we will give you an analysis of the rain forest Wind high Win7 flagship version of the video CPU used to play the solution, specific as follows:

Step One, click "Start-All Programs--windows Medie Player".

In step two, in the open Windows Medie Player Player, right-click the menu bar in a blank location and select Tools--Options.

Step three, in the Options window that opens the player, switch to the Performance tab, "Enable DirectX Video acceleration for WMV files" To remove the previous check.

Step four, switch the Options window to the Player tab page, turn the automatic update off or change it to once a month, remove the "Allow screen saver on playback" and "Add remote media file to library when playing", and click "Save".

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