WIN7 mobile phone and computer transmission files via Bluetooth to frequency

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First, the WINDOWS7 system to connect the mobile phone

1. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon--notification area Bluetooth icon--select Add device;

2. Add the device area to see the iphone we need to connect to, select the device click---next;

3. There will be a pairing code on the computer that needs to correspond to the phone and click on the pairing button on the phone at the same time;

4. After the successful pairing can see the computer loading the relevant driver;

5. After the successful loading of the driver, our mobile phone was successfully loaded onto the computer.

6. We open the device and the printer can see our mobile phone;

7. Double-click to open our mobile phone;

8. In the head-wearing type of receiver and the speaker click on the connection, at this time we can use the computer to achieve the function of answering the phone;

9. In music and audio, select the connection, you can play the phone through the computer songs, the lower right corner will appear playing music dialog box;

10. Several small items that require special attention, the authentication options in the settings, the need to select all the actions required to confirm the Bluetooth device, and choose to use my computer as a speaker;

11. Equipment Uninstall, select display Bluetooth device;

12. Locate the mobile device we installed before, right-click-delete the device (it may take a few seconds to wait patiently);

13. Use Bluetooth for file transfer to Nokia as an example, the previous Bluetooth connection is basically the same, just in the matching process requires us to enter the pairing code in the phone, not directly displayed;

Nokia mobile phone connection after the successful interface (slightly different);

15. Click on the file Transfer place-browse (XX) on the phone file, you can see the current connection between the phone file;

Click to see the folder inside the phone;

16. Select-Send the file to (XX) phone, will appear Bluetooth FTP wizard;

17. Click to browse can choose files from the computer, select a good click Next, then choose to send on it;

18. This sends the success.

Phone successfully received information

Second, the Windows7 system to connect the Bluetooth mouse

1. Right click--the notification area Bluetooth icon--select Add device;

2. Add devices to search, we need to long press the button on the back of the Bluetooth mouse, until the Bluetooth mouse device is recognized;

3. The same selection device click Next;

4. After the pairing is successful, the Bluetooth mouse can be used normally after installing the relevant driver;

5. Need to be prompted: if the mouse in another computer has been used, want to be paired again in the machine, you need to uninstall before the device to be paired, delete the method and remove the phone device method is the same, find display Bluetooth devices;

6. Find the previous Bluetooth mouse, right click on the removal program, and then paired.

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