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With more Windows 7 computers coming into our lives, the Windows 7 system features rich, easy-to-use features, but it's hard to know that some of the more secretive little features in such a powerful Windows 7 computer are not well known, Microsoft for Windows 7 of these features are created with high efficiency and ease of use, which is somewhat regrettable if not understood. Here are two very practical hidden features.

1. Windows 7 Problem Recorder

In the daily use of the computer, you may have encountered problems that they do not know how to solve the time, sometimes it is also easy to make the system crash or create other problems. This time Windows 7 comes with the problem recorder is very practical, we can record the issue to video sent to the side of the computer master, others can visually see the problem, and then through the QQ or telephone simple guidance on the solution.

Where is the Windows 7 problem recorder hidden? Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the Windows 7 desktop and enter "Psr.exe" in the search box to immediately open the system's own problem recorder.

When our computer appears some of its own can not troubleshoot the problem, the need for expert or technical experts to assist, often because of the inability to face-to-face communication and communication, and lead to the time to troubleshoot the problem greatly increased. Now we can handle it with the gadget "problem step logger" that comes with Windows 7. Without any third party screen video software, once you have the problem recorder open, you can record all the steps you've made on the screen, and each step record is a screen screenshot, including logs and software configuration data, and so on, which makes it easy to help you remotely.

2. Screen calibrator (screens calibration)

Windows 7 computer screens are too bright or too dim for our eyes to adapt, and fortunately, Windows 7 has the Display Calibration Wizard that allows you to properly adjust the brightness of the screen, so that you can comfortably browse the Web, pictures or documents. For example, before I met a problem: a picture on a computer looks very beautiful and dazzling, why to another computer but it looks very difficult to look at it? That's the problem with the adjustment of the computer screen. Now as soon as you open the Windows 7 Start menu click Run, enter "DCCW" inside. When you click OK, the dialog box for the color calibration will pop up.

You can see that the Windows 7 system will automatically guide the user to complete the adjustment step-by-step, simple and convenient, even novice users do not have to worry. Users who are familiar with Windows 7 computers may slowly find that their computer problems are no longer frequent, that their work and life have become more relaxed, and that the progress of Windows 7 has helped us.

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