Win7 partition table loss how to recover?

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The steps are as follows:

First, I decided to try Win7 the Bootrec.exe repair tool to fix the partition table.

First of all, a brief introduction to Bootrec.exe, where we will use the two parameters/fixmbr and/FIXBOOT,/FIXMBR options of the system partition to write Win7 or Win Vista compatible MBR, this option does not overwrite the existing partition table. The/fixboot option writes a new boot sector to the system partition by using the boot sector with win Vista or Win7. Detailed description We can view the Microsoft official introduction.

Use a U disk or optical drive into the Win7 installation interface, press SHIFT+F10 to enter the command prompt interface:

Input bootrce.exe/fixmbr or Bootrce.exe/fixboot to try to fix, often the above attempts, my hard disk partition table does not return to normal. If everyone's not back to normal, please keep looking below.

Second, use Diskgenius to restore the partition table

1, In the use of Bootrec.exe repair partition table without fruit, I downloaded the Diskgenius to try, first in another computer will download a good diskgenius copy into the U disk, and then casually find an XP installation disk, PE system, the Diskgenius copied into the PE system, and then click on the work -Search for lost partitions (rebuild partition table).

2, the search scope for the entire hard drive.

3, after the start of the search, Diskgenius will be later on the hard disk partitions display, this time, you need to judge yourself to find the partition is not your missing partition, if yes, click on the reservation can be.

4, if the search is complete, if you have completed the original partition, click Hard Disk-Save the partition table, restart the computer into PE, you will find that the original hard disk has been restored to the original. If you think I write is not detailed enough, you can also look at the Diskgenius official website help.

5, after a night of tossing, although has recovered the lost hard disk partition, but still let a person out of a cold sweat.

6, after this thing, I summed up two experience:

One, the hard disk partition table kill not move.

Second, important information must be carved into a CD-ROM to save.

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