Win7 Pure version 32-bit taskbar on the right what to do

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We use the Win7 pure version of the 32-bit when we encountered the taskbar on the right side of the situation how to do? Is there any quickest solution? Let's take a look at it below.

Specific steps:

In the first step, right-click the taskbar to enter the property settings page.

The second step is to find the "lock taskbar" on the page and check it out and then apply the settings, if it is already set, omit this step.

In the third step, drag the mouse along the rightmost edge of the right side to form a two-headed arrow flag, dragging it back to its original position.

The fourth step, right click on the taskbar to enter the property and then called "Lock the Taskbar" on the hook to apply.

The fifth step, if you can't drag, you can go into safe mode to do a look.

Step sixth, or see if you can cancel the Quick Launch bar and do the appropriate action.

The seventh step, if you can set the taskbar directly to prove that the normal operation, you can let it back to the original state.

The eighth step, if still not a few software can also be used for auxiliary settings.

After these steps we will find that we can easily solve the task bar on the right side of the problem, w764 bit flagship version according to the settings to develop habits, and later do not drag the taskbar to avoid a similar situation, in fact, there are more related to the task of the problem need us to make a good summary, We will also be more in the next tutorial on these aspects of the explanation, but also hope to get everyone's support.

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