Win7 Resource Manager stops working or always restarts

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I believe many people who have used Windows 7 have encountered the problem of "stopping or restarting the resource manager! Sometimes, when you open a file or software, the resource manager stops working. Please restart it, sometimes the number of reboots is 5 or 6 times a minute, which makes you feel disgusting. If you are doing important things, it will interrupt you from time to time, I believe you must have the urge to break your computer. So what's going on! This problem did not occur when the system was just installed. Why have you been using it for a while! In fact, this is not a problem at all, because some of the software you use is incompatible with the win7 system. We only need to change the attributes of compatible software to the compatibility mode. Just like what I encountered.

A few days ago, after I changed the user administrator of my computer to the administrator of the win7 system, Windows Resource Manager stops working on the computer, I checked what happened on the Internet. The main reason is that the system is not compatible with WinRAR. Modify the compatibility of WinRAR installation location and restart the computer. I tried it according to the method described on the Internet, it can still pop up. I think this may not be a problem with the compatibility between my computer and WinRAR! The Resource Manager stops working. The system should have an error event log. If you check it online, you cannot view the win7 System Event Log. On the internet, right-click the computer and choose manage> event viewer, you can view it. View the cause of my error in the log. It seems that the resource manager stops working because my apsaravideo player is incompatible with the system.

At this point, I finally know that the software is not compatible with the system. If I know where the problem is, let's start solving it! I first unmount the apsaravideo player and restart it, because some files of apsaravideo player can be deleted after being restarted, and then download them from the official website.
After the installation is complete, modify the apsaravideo for redis. Then, restart one computer, and the resource manager stops working. The problem is solved perfectly.


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