Win7 set two monitor actual operation method

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  Win7 set two display methods :

If you are using an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, you can set it in the Graphics Control Panel according to the graphics card, and of course the simplest is set in the Windows 7 Control Panel. The specific method as described above, the mouse on the desktop, right--screen resolution, and then set it. You can select a copy mode or extended mode depending on your requirements, and then you can set the resolution of different screens and tell the Windows system which monitor is on the right or left by dragging the display image above the window.

  Introduction to Multi-screen mode:

Put the mouse on the desktop, right-screen resolution, you will see the screen setup options, if you have two monitors installed, but not displayed, you can click "Detect" to detect. Then, in the multi-monitor display, you'll see the option to "copy these displays" and "extend these displays."

Copy these displays:

By selecting this option, you will see the exact same Windows window on two monitors, which is suitable for displaying the same content for many people, and is suitable for meeting and outdoor commercial presentations.

To extend these displays:

In contrast to "copy mode", the extended mode is more suitable for our average user, which can virtual two monitors into a complete display, thus extending the display space, displaying continuous and different content under two monitors, and we can define the horizontal or vertical addition. This model is more flexible, suitable for gamers or users who need to run a large number of programs at the same time.

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