Win7 system computer headphones sound small how to solve

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Method 1

1. First, we need to open the Start menu of the win7 flagship computer, and then click from the Start menu to enter the control panel interface.

2. on the open control panel page, click to adjust the system volume (search for sound) & rarr; Speaker properties (click the speaker to pop up) & rarr; Enhancement. After clicking, we will tick the option of uniformity.

3. after the settings are complete, we will find that the sound of the headset is much larger now, but correspondingly, our sound quality will be slightly worse, we can also select the headset virtualization option based on the actual situation.

Method 2

The first step is to troubleshoot the headset in two ways. First, place the headset on another device (used on another computer or MP3). If the headset is normal, the problem occurs on the computer. The second method is to use other normal headphones for trial on the computer and determine whether the problem is on the computer.

2. Step 2: determine the driver installation (driver support is required for hardware use. Although the sound card driver has been installed, it should be carefully excluded to solve the problem) run driver detection functions of software or security software such as driver Genie. If the driver is not installed, install and update the driver. If the driver is already installed, go to the next step for troubleshooting.

Step 3: click the control panel to enter the window Device Manager. In the Device Manager, select sound and volume management (by the way, check whether mute is enabled or the volume is too small)

Step 4: click the headset device to view the device properties and check whether the device is disabled. If this device is disabled, select enable this device.

Step 5: The problem may be caused by the plug-in. Check whether the headset is inserted in the headset properties. If no, the headset is not connected. Try to turn the headset plug slowly to see if there is sound. If not, the plug-in may have crashed. We recommend that you repair it.

The above describes a common notebook method. There is another way for a desktop: the desktop has two front and back headphone sockets. After troubleshooting according to the above method, try the following after replacing the front plug-in. If there is a sound, it may be that the front is broken or disabled. If it is disabled, it is still enabled in the device management (or in the device management of the audio driver)

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