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The following are the solutions to common failures under the Win7 system:

One, Win7 blue screen fault Solutions

This type of failure occurs in a variety of ways, sometimes at Windows startup, sometimes when running some software under windows, such failures are generally caused by improper user actions to cause Windows system damage, which is specifically manifested in the safe mode of booting to the system can not be normal, A blue screen failure occurred. Sometimes too much fragmentation can cause this kind of failure, once the author after the debris to resolve the fault, if the exclusion of this may have the following reasons may cause the fault.

1, memory reasons. Due to memory reasons for this fault is more common, such failures are generally due to poor quality of the chip, but sometimes we modify the CMOS settings in the delay time of CAS (change from 3 to 2) can solve the problem, if not, only replace the memory bar.

2, motherboard reasons. Because the motherboard causes the probability of this failure is slightly lower than the memory, generally due to such a failure of the motherboard, the computer in general will not panic after the blue screen, and frequent failures, the only way to replace the motherboard.

3, CPU reasons, due to the CPU causes such failures are relatively rare, generally common in the Cyrix CPU, on which we can reduce the CPU frequency, see whether it can be resolved, if not, then only replace one way.

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Second, Win7 Protection error solution

The reasons for this type of failure are generally as follows:

1. The reason of the memory strip. In the case of memory, we can change the CAS latency to see if we can solve the problem, if the memory is working in a non-66MHz FSB, such as 75MHz, 83MHz, 100MHz, or even the frequency, we could reduce the FSB or memory frequency to try, if not, only to replace it.

2, the disk appears bad way. If it is due to a bad disk, we can use Safe mode to boot the system, and then use ScanDisk to fix the hard drive errors to see if the problem can be solved. If the hard drive appears bad, if not repaired in time, it may lead to a gradual increase in bad road or hard disk completely damaged, therefore, we should be repaired as soon as possible.

3, Windows system damage. Only the reload system can be solved.

4, in the CMOS settings to open the anti-virus function. This type of failure generally occurs when the system is installed, when the system is installed to open this feature generally does not occur. Third, Win7 stochastic deadlock solution

Crash fault is more common, but because it involves a wide range, is to repair more trouble, now I will gradually be detailed.

1, the virus causes the computer frequently freezes

Because this kind of reason causes this fault the phenomenon to be more common, when the computer infects the virus, mainly manifests in the following several aspects:

① system start-up time is prolonged;

② The system starts to start some unnecessary programs automatically;

③ for no reason to panic

There are some garbled characters on the ④ screen.

Its manifestations are endless, due to the length of the reasons for this, in this need to put forward is that if the virus damaged some system files, resulting in system work instability, we can in Safe mode with the System File Checker to repair the system files.

2, due to the thermal stability of some components caused by such failures (specific performance in the CPU, power, memory, motherboard)

In this case, we can let the computer run for a period of time, after the crash, and then hand touch the above parts, if the temperature is too high to indicate that the part may have problems, we can use the replacement method to diagnose. It is worth noting that when installing the CPU fan it is best to apply some thermal grease, but I am in some assembled computer is very difficult to see its traces, the practice has proved that the silicone can reduce the temperature of about 5-10 degrees, especially Pⅲ computer, if not coated silicone grease, the computer can not work properly, I have encountered such a phenomenon once. The main configuration of the machine is as follows: Pan UK 815EP motherboard, PⅢ733CPU, 133 FSB 128M memory, when the machine assembled, frequent panic, even Windows system can not be installed, but replace the Celeron 533 CPU, troubleshooting, suspected motherboard or CPU problems, However, the replacement of the same model of the motherboard, the CPU after the failure can not be resolved. Later, due to the discovery of its temperature is too high in the CPU coated with some thermal silicone grease, the failure to completely solve. Practice has proved that the Celeron 533 above the CPU must be coated with thermal grease, otherwise it is very likely to cause a panic failure.

3, due to the poor contact of the parts of the computer frequently crashes

Such phenomena are more common, especially on computers that have been purchased for some time. Because most of the parts rely on gold fingers and the motherboard contact, after a period of time its gold finger parts will appear oxidation phenomenon, in the pull off each card will find gold finger area has yellowing, at this time, we can wipe back and forth with eraser its yellowing place to be clean.

4, due to the incompatibility between the hardware caused the computer frequently crashes

This kind of phenomenon common Yu Xianka is incompatible with other parts or the memory strip is incompatible with the motherboard, for example SIS's graphics card, the other equipment also may have the incompatibility phenomenon, to this may the other unnecessary equipment such as modem, sound card and so on after dismantling the equipment to judge.

5, software conflict or damage caused by the crash

Such failures, which generally occur at the same point, can be removed to solve the software.

Four, win7*. The VxD file did not find a solution

This type of failure is generally due to the user when uninstalling the software does not remove the complete or installation of hardware when the driver is not installed correctly caused by this, we can enter the registry management program, using its lookup function, will be prompted not found files, removed from the registry can be resolved.

Five, when windows in normal mode to boot to the logon dialog box, the point "Cancel" or "OK" after the desktop does not have any icon, can not do anything.

This type of failure is generally due to improper operation of the user, resulting in system damage. The solution is as follows: first we boot the system in Safe mode, go to the Control Panel, go to the Password option, set user profile to "use the same desktop and preferences for this desktop user", and then go to "network" to delete items other than Dial network adapters so that they log on as Windows. Restart your computer to resolve it.

VI. computer Restarts the solution when you shut down your computer under Windows

I saw in a recent article in the computer newspaper that the solution was to fix the hard drive or reload windows. In fact, this type of failure is usually caused by users inadvertently or using some software to set up the system, the use of the Windows system fast shutdown function, causing the fault, The solution is as follows: Click "Start"-"Run"-"msconfig", and then in the System Configuration Utility panel, select Advanced, "Disable Fast shutdown" selected, restart the computer can be resolved. The solution of Chinese character loss in Windows

When you install Windows and other software on your computer, and defragment your hard disk, you are prompted: "Hard disk fragmentation contains errors." After the ScanDisk was repaired, the fragment truth could not be used, and when it entered the Windows attachment, it found that the Chinese characters were missing. After checking no virus, and then view SCANDIDSK.LOG file, "folder C:windows has been corrupted ...".

According to the above fault phenomenon, Chinese characters garbled in Windows, mostly due to the loss of the contents of Chinese characters displayed in the registry. At this point, open Registry Editor (WindowsREGEDIT.EXE), and then open the "associated Default Fonts" and "Associated Char Set" Two lines of keywords, if so, and then open the two lines of keywords to see the contents. When there is only a "default" line and no other content, indicating that the relevant Chinese character display can not be defined, the reason for Chinese characters garbled.

can be repaired by manual method.

(1) Click "Start" and select "Run".

(2) In the Run dialog box, type regedit, click OK, and open Registry Editor.

(3) Expand "My Computer hkey-lwcal-machinesystemcurrent control Setcontrol Fontassoc" To see if there is a "aossiated Char set folder icon, in the right column of the window, The following additions will be added:

ANSI (+) "Yes"

GB2312 ("Yes")

WEM (FF) "Yes"

SYMBOL ("on")

Add the method to: In the Edit new menu, click String values, and then in the text box that appears in the right column, type ANSI (00), and then double-click the text box, and in the dialog box that appears, type Yes, click OK, the rest of the additions, and so on.

(4) In accordance with the above method, click the associated Default fonts file icon, the right column of its window will add the following:

Assoc System Font "SimSun, TTF"

Font Package Decorative "song Body"

Font Package Dont Care "Song Body"

Font Package modern "song Body"

Font Package Roman "Song Body"

Font Package Script "Song Body"

Font Package swiess "Song Body"

(5) When there are no "associated Char Set" and "Associated Default Fonts" keywords, the Fontassoc folder, under the Edit New menu, click Primary Key, and then in the text box that appears, type each of these two lines of keywords, Then add the listed contents by step (4).

(6) Shut down the system and restart the computer.

Eight, the printer cannot print the solution under Windows

In the confirmation that the printer is intact, first the user into the DOS State (Pure Dos), in the command prompt line input dir>prn or press the keyboard "Print Screen SYSRQ" key to see whether the printer can print, if not can generally determine the motherboard of the print port or print cable problems, But according to the author's experience it is possible with the CMOS settings in the Print port mode (generally have ECP, EPP, spp several

) setting, the user may change the test accordingly, there is also a special situation, when the print mouth after the damage Ucdos, Windows can print, but according to the above detection method or business card system can not print, to this only add multi-function card side can solve (add multi-function card to shield the IDE on the motherboard, com , print port). If you are able to print in DOS, you can do this in the following ways:

① under Windows, enter the system properties of the control Panel to see if the print port LPT1 exists, and if there is no access to Control Panel-Add new hardware, let it search for new hardware, and then add the found print port to it.

Reinstall the printer driver if the ② driver is installed correctly.

③ Install system files of the disk has the remaining space, general space will have insufficient memory tips, as long as the removal of some software can be.

④ computer may be infected with a virus. Nine, Win7 tips to the low memory solution

There are several possible reasons why there may be low memory prompts:

① disk space is insufficient, as long as some files can be deleted accordingly.

② runs multiple applications at the same time. The ③ computer is infected with a virus.

Ten, Win7 system printer typed word garbled how to solve

This type of failure is generally due to improper installation of the printer driver or parallel port mode settings, for the first case of the solution is relatively simple, if the second case can enter the CMOS settings after the change of the parallel port mode and a test can (generally have ECP, Epp, SPP three species).

Xi. solution to prompt for "illegal operation" when Win7 application

This type of failure causes more reasons, there are several possible:

① system files are changed or corrupted. If this is the case, you will be prompted to do something illegal when you open some of the system's own programs (for example, open Control Panel).

The ② driver is not installed properly. Such failures are generally reflected in the graphics driver, if the resulting, open a number of game programs will produce illegal operation prompts, the author has also encountered an example of the special phenomenon caused by this, sometimes in the open some Web pages when illegal operation of the prompts.

The ③ memory stripe is bad quality (sometimes increasing the memory latency time will change the system default of 3 to 2 to resolve this type of failure).

④ Sometimes when the program is running, if the driver of the sound card is not installed, this kind of failure, such as the landing battle, if the sound card driver is not installed, the runtime will have an illegal operation error.

⑤ software is incompatible, such as IE5.5 installed on the Win98 second edition of the system, when IE open multiple windows at the same time sometimes can produce illegal operation prompts.

12, Win7 system can not open the page after the successful dialing

There are several phenomena following this type of failure:

1, the prompt cannot open the search page. This type of failure is typically caused by a network configuration problem. Go to Control Panel-network, remove all but the dial-up adapter, and then restart your computer and then add Microsoft's TCP/IP protocol to restart your computer.

2, some can enter the site can not go in and long time to find a site. There are some modems if the user does not specify the local IP address will appear such a failure, you can enter the modem settings and then assign the local IP address can, For example, Hunan's IP address is: Another possibility is that the user with software optimization, this can also be described above to reinstall the network options or restore the registry to see whether the problem can be solved, if not, on the author experience only reinstall system can be resolved.

3. In Windows Internet Explorer, in order to restrict access to some Internet sites, you can enable rating advisor on the content page of the Internet settings in Control Panel, which allows users to limit different content levels. But when we browse the page containing ActiveX, the Password dialog box asks us to enter the password, and if the password is wrong, we will not be able to see this page. After the password is forgotten, the user will not be able to browse normally. The workaround is to delete the password by modifying the registry. The method is as follows:

Open Registry Editor to find Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrent versionpoliciesratings. Stored under this sub-health is the password after encryption, the ratings subkey deleted, ie password was released.

13, 3DMAX Normal installation can not start after the completion of

This type of failure is generally due to the user's Windows system file installation is not complete, Windows generally under normal installation situation will be less than the following files: Vdd.vxd, Vcomm.vxd, Vmouse.vxd, Vflatd.vxd, Vdmad.vxd, Configmg.vxd, Ntkern.vxd, we just add it in, the method is as follows: Click Start-Program-attachment-System Tools-system information, and then click the "tool"-System File Checker, choose to extract files from the installation floppy disk, In the blank column to enter the above mentioned files, the extraction is completed to resolve the fault.

14, the computer automatically restart

This type of failure behaves as follows: This type of failure occurs when the system starts or after the application has been running for some time. The cause of this failure is generally due to poor thermal stability of the memory strips or the power supply instability caused by, there is also a possible CPU temperature is too high cause. There is also a special case where the Windows system causes the failure at boot time due to a conflict between the driver or some software.

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