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How do you use the WIN7 system journal document? In the Win7 system, there are a lot of word or text documents, in fact, under the Win7 system there is also a. jut format journal document. But most people are unfamiliar with it. In fact, typing in a journal document is also very convenient, and here's how to use the journal document.

Journal Documentation Description:

The journal document in Win7 is entered by the mouse or the handwriting pad. Journal "is designed for users who use the trackpad windows, especially for surface users, and this is a handy feature." In the interface, we can see that there is a small black spot on the grid line, which is the tip of the stylus, and the user of the action device can quickly write down what he thinks of by "Diary", just like writing on a paper material. If you are a desktop user, this feature is of course superfluous, because using the mouse to manipulate this kind of soft experience is very laborious.

If you want to use the keyboard to enter Chinese, you need to click on the taskbar "insert"--"text box", and then in the inserted text box to enter Chinese characters.

How journal documents are used:

1, insert-text box;

2, input text.

These are the instructions for how the WIN7 system uses the journal documentation, the method that has been typed in the journal document, and you can try this journal document, and you might like it.

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