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Win7 under the C language programming software. Many people just start to contact C language friends want to know with the above software development C language is good, generally speaking, Microsoft's things are certainly the best, more suitable for beginners to learn, and so started to contact with other software. Here the script of the small compiled for you to share the C language programming software have?

Microsoft Visual C + +, Microsoft Visual Studio, DEV C + +, Code::Blocks, Borland C + +, WaTCom C + +, Borland C + + Builder, GNU djgpp C + +, Lccwin32 c Compiler3.1, high C, Turb C, GCC, c-free and WIN-TC, my TC, and so on, too much, because the C language is more mature, so the programming environment many. It is recommended that you use Microsoft Visual C + +.

In software development under Windows, the compiler's preferred course is visual Studio, and Microsoft has a free Microsoft Visual c++2008express version available for download and use at the moment. However, if you consider Cross-platform software, it is no doubt advisable to choose GCC as a compiler, regardless of linux,macosx or other UNIX variants, most choose GCC as the compiler, so choosing gcc as a compiler allows your software to be validated by the compiler in advance, It is easier to compile on different platforms. The TDM GCC project has helped you test and integrate the GCC installation tools, TDM GCC On-demand Installer, under the Windows platform, and you can choose to download and install those kits as needed. After the installation is complete, you need to modify the environment variables and add the installation directory to the path search path.

1, TC 2.0:borland Company's products, in the DOS interface compiled run, compact, flexible, but can not use the mouse, the interface is as follows:

The menu command is ALT + The first letter of the menu item, you can debug, the first time use, you can configure the directory, as follows:

The first time use may feel uncomfortable (the mouse is not used for the sake), slowly familiar with a period of time, it is OK, at the beginning of the school study test is this environment.

"Turbo C v2.0 Chinese version" is the design ☆〗 in order to take care of unfamiliar DOS environment software operation of the vast number of beginners, so that you can easily install Turbo C in Windows environment 2.0, and for its perfect windows and Chinese DOS under the operating environment, after repackaging recommended to learn the "C language Program design," the vast number of teachers and students. Users do not need to be familiar with DOS knowledge, only need to install the Turbo C v2.0 specified in any folder, no need to manually change any options, you can compile the program.

For some computer display card driver is not compatible, there are "black screen" or "CPU encountered invalid instruction" situation, especially the production of DOS virtual machine version, so that beginners can more easily use Turbo C version.

The main function of "Turbo C v2.0 Chinese Version"

1. In order to take care of the vast number of beginners who are not familiar with the software operation of DOS environment, so that we can install Turbo C v2.0 conveniently in Windows environment, this installer can install Turbo C v2.0 in any specified directory without modifying the directory options in the Options menu. , you can normally compile standard C program!

2, this version of the integration of the Chinese DOS operating environment, users do not need to download a separate installation, you can directly use the Chinese interface to operate!

3, the latest integration of the source code Editor, so accustomed to Windows environment to operate friends no longer for the tc-ide environment headache;

4, you set up the C program files will be saved in the "installation directory Tc20hproject" directory, the Start menu will create a "My Project directory" shortcut, so that you save more convenient;

5, the program output. obj and. exe files will be saved in the "Install directory Tc20houtput" directory, the Start menu will be set up "Output directory" shortcut to make your management more convenient;

6, can choose to install Baidu Super Search PA, you can have a strong search function, as well as interception of advertising, cleaning traces and other functions;

7, the design is also dedicated to the website Http://WWW.,http://www. on the establishment of C language programming and C + + object-oriented program design of the relevant columns, collected a lot of relevant selected articles, hope that interested friends can learn and discuss together!

2, WIN-TC: In the tc2.0 based on the interface, can use the mouse, with syntax highlighting, you can embed the characteristics of the assembly, for some novice, please do not use the mouse difficulties. Write the source code, compile and run, the software is easier to get started.

3, dev-c++: is the next development of Windows C/s development environment, using GCC as a compiler, follow the standard, powerful, syntax highlighting, you can do a single step debugging (this is important to troubleshoot errors), the setting of breakpoints and other functions, follow the C standard, is a very powerful development tool.

4, VC + +, Microsoft's products, compilers, linker, operation, debugging and other functions in one of the powerful development tools, features are very powerful, for beginners to need a period of time to explore

C Language Programming software (support WIN7/WIN8) is a development system that supports multi-language development. C Language Programming software (support Win7/win8) at the same time support the C language, C + + and VB language development, software can be very compatible with Win7 and win8, users only need to set software compatibility, set it to win 98,win XP and so on.

For you to provide the C language programming software for the vc++6.0. vc++6.0 is a Windows system platform, visual integrated development environment from Microsoft, which is written in the C + + language and joins Microsoft's powerful MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) Class Library.

The MFC class Library of the C language programming software (which supports WIN7/WIN8) encapsulates most of the Windows API functions and Windows controls, which contain functionality that covers the entire Windows operating system. Not only does MFC give users the framework for applications in a Windows graphics environment, but it also provides the components to create applications, so that developers save a lot of time by programming from a higher starting point without designing the programs needed to create and manage a standard Windows application from scratch. In addition, it provides a large number of code that directs the user to implement certain technologies and functions while programming. Therefore, using VC + + provides highly visual application development tools and MFC class libraries, can make application development easy.

5, ah ha C lightweight C language programming software v2.0 green free version

Ah-ha c is a good lightweight C language programming starter software, using the GCC kernel compiler, support syntax highlighting, code folding, compile error prompts, and so on, the interface profile, easy to operate, very suitable for the C language learning to use.

6, C-free

C-free is a specialized c/s + + Integrated development environment (IDE) that supports a variety of compilers. With this software, users can easily edit, compile, connect, run, and debug C + + programs. C-free is integrated with C + + code parser, which can parse the code in real time and give intelligent hints in the process of writing. C-free provides support for the current industry's main-C + + compiler, and you can easily switch compilers in C-free. Customizable shortcuts, external tools, and external help documents make your code easier to write. Complete Engineering/engineering group Management allows you to easily manage your own code

C-free is a domestic C, C + + development tools, is called an artifact, let you fondle admiringly.

If you're fed up with Visual Studio's bloated, Visual C + + 6.0 compatibility issues under Win7, WIN8, then C-free will be a surprise choice for you. C-free the entire software is 14M, very lightweight, easy to install, can switch the compiler freely.

C-free the latest version is 5.0, registration needs 80RMB, can be free trial for 30 days, expired unregistered will not be used. Although this tutorial provides the registration code, but if you do not lack of silver, or for domestic software to do some contribution, purchase genuine it.

Mainly includes the following characteristics:

Supports multiple compilers and can be configured to add other compilers;

compiler types currently supported:

(1) MinGW 2.95/3.x/4.x/5.0

(2) Cygwin

(3) Borland C + + Compiler

(4) Microsoft C + + Compiler

(5) Intel C + + Compiler

(6) Lcc-win32

(7) Open Watcom/C + +

(8) Digital Mars C + +

(9) Ch interpreter

Enhanced c/n + + syntax highlighting (can be highlighted function name, type name, constant name, etc.);

Enhanced intelligent input function;

Additional language highlights can be added to support other programming languages;

Can add engineering types, can be customized to other engineering wizards;

Perfect code positioning function (Find declaration, implementation and reference);

Code completion function and function parameter prompt function;

The ability to list all the symbols (functions, classes/structures, variables, etc.) contained in the code file;

A large number of customizable features:

Customizable shortcut keys

Customizable External Tools

Customizable help (Support for Windows Help, HTML Help, and online help);

Color, with syntax and highlight printing function;

Displays the console window when debugging;

The Engineering transformation function can convert other types of works into C-free-format works and open them in C-free.

Multiple registers are for C-free 5.0 prior versions, so share a C-free 5.0 registration code here

7, CodeLite

CodeLite is a powerful open source, Cross-platform IDE for C/s + + programming languages (regularly tested under Windows XP SP2/3, (K) Ubuntu 7.10/8.04 gutsy Gibbon, and MacOSX 10.5.2). CodeLite's source code is used to follow the GPL v2 license.

Win installation

1. First download the installation package from the official website of CodeLite, and there are three kinds of installation packages to choose from.

The first is that it does not contain MinGW (c + + compiler), so you should configure the compiler after installation;

The second is an installation package with the C + + compiler (with MinGW in the filename) for beginners to strongly recommend this installation package

The third is the installation package with Wxwidgets library (the installation package with the word "WX" in the filename);

If you are not familiar with this, you can select the most recent version of the installation package that is the download Codelite-xxx.exe installation file (XXX is the version number).

2. After downloading, install the package, double-click the installation package, and then follow the prompts all the way next.

5. Some auxiliary tools about VC

. C language Compiler There are many, this is my own contact, write out, give you a little advice, hope to be useful to you.

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