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Now with the WIN7 more and more, the WIN7 version is also many, a total of 6 versions: Windows 7 Starter (primary), Windows 7 Home Basic (General edition), Windows 7 Home Premium (Family Advanced edition), Windows 7 Professional (Professional Edition), Windows 7 Enterprise (Enterprise Edition), and Windows7 Ultimate (flagship).

Here's a little story to teach you how to view the Win7 version in detail:

1, the Start menu "Computer" right button Select "Properties";

Or on the desktop computer icon right click on the property;

2, the pop-up system properties, you can view the version.

However, in the computer's properties, you can see only the basic information of the current system, the Windows Experience Index, and whether the current system is active or not.

We can also enter "Winver" in the Run bar to view the version, but this will only see the words 6.1 (build 7600) and cannot view the detailed version number after 7600. As shown in the figure

If you want to see the detailed version number of Windows 7, we want to run another command slmgr.vbs, you enter slmgr.vbs in the run, you can see the use of this command as well as various parameters, I did a few, screenshot as follows:

1. Slmgr.vbs-dli

Display: Operating system version, partial product key, license status


Display: The most detailed activation information, including: Activation ID, Installation ID, activation due date

3. slmgr.vbs-xpr

Show: Full activation


Replace WIN7 serial Number

5. Slmgr.vbs-ato

Activate WIN7

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