Win8 boot Prompt "Your computer has a problem need to reboot, we only need to collect these error messages" solution

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1, the mouse moved to the lower left corner, and then right-click, select the command prompt (administrator), and then enter the following command: C:windowssystem32>netsh carriage return;

2, then enter WinHTTP carriage return;

3, the last input import proxy source=ie carriage return, appear prompt: Direct access < no proxy server >;

4, first in the BIOS set the hard disk IDE mode, no longer set into AHCI mode, and then install the corresponding drive;

5, each drive (such as graphics card driver) need to install the official certification version of the driver;

6, use the Windows 8 repair CD-ROM with the WIN8 system repair function to repair.

Note: If you still cannot resolve it, it is recommended that you back up the data by reinstalling the system to resolve it.

The above is on the Win8 boot prompt "Your computer problems need to restart, we only need to collect these error messages" solution to the entire content of the introduction, have the same problem friends can follow the above method to solve!

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