Win8 first experience (4)-New Task Manager (Advanced Task Management) details [M2-M3 pre]

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After the advanced task manager function is enabled by modifying the registry,

Click"Start Task Manager"("Start Task Manager"):

Or key combination"CTRL"+"Shift"+"ESC"To enable the task manager:

Left:Win8Task Manager Right:Win7Task Manager

The simplified Task Manager is enabled by default. Compared with the win7 Task Manager, many tabs are missing, but each task can be expanded to view sub-processes. Right-click the process or sub-process to perform more operations.

Click"More information"("More information"),

You can open the complete task manager to view computer processes, startup items, and user content:


In " Process " ( " Process " Process is classified " Applications) " , " BackgroundProgram(Background programs) " , " Key System Processes (Windows System-critical programs) " . In addition, each process has " CPU ", " Memory " , " Disk " , " Network " The detailed percentage of each aspect is displayed.It is worth mentioning that when a process occupies a large proportion, it is automatically highlighted. A particularly high proportion is displayed in a deeper color.

Click the column name to sort processes by proportion.


This item is not available in the win7 task manager.


In the all-new task manager, you can directly manage each process of other users who are enabled, which is very convenient.

At the same time, the disadvantages are also reflected:You can directly observe the processes enabled by another user and directly end a process of another user. This is not conducive to the Privacy Protection between users. After all, now is the M2-M3Pro stage, the detailed official version of Win8 will be a good coordination of the relationship between the two.

Advanced Task Manager)

Click"Performance dashboard"("Performance dashboard"), "Advanced task management "("Advanced Task Manager")

It has three tabs, the first two of which"Process"("Process"),"Service"("Services") You are familiar with it and will not introduce it again. It is worth noting that"Dashboard"("Dashboard":

IsWin8Task Manager performance tab, which isWin7Task Manager performance Tab

Win8 optimizes the Task Manager performance selection graphics card on the interface, making it more fresh and intuitive. And renamed"Dashboard"("Dashboard")

In the dashboard, You can intuitively display the running status of each CPU core (logical core, processor thread), as well as real-time monitoring of memory, hard disk, and network.

The author's notebook is the core i3-330 dual-core virtual four-thread processor, from the CPU monitoring on the dashboard, we can clearly see that the physical core: 2, the logic core: 4.

Right-click any part of the interface,"Copy all"("Copy all") To copy the current processor's working status to the clipboard in text format.

Note: This article is based on Windows 8 M2-M3 pro, 7955. Change the Registry method to enable the new function. If you need this function, leave a message and update it later.

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