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In fact, we win8 the era of the system is still relatively short, from the 64-bit Win7 flagship download seems that many users have skipped the WIN8, directly into the WIN10 system of the era, but have to say, in our win8 system, there are many bright spots worthy of attention, For example, the Metro we are going to introduce today is one of them. Perhaps many users do not know that we open the Metro application, if not shut down with the system into the sleep state, wasting the resources of the system. But sometimes, we open a lot of metro applications, one by one to shut down must be a waste of time. Today, the small series to introduce, is how the WIN8 computer in bulk to close these open metro applications.

1. First, we need to be on the desktop of the WIN8 system, this is the Metro interface to open this task list, note that this refers to the Metro application of the task list, not we have been hanging on the tip of the task manager, the two are still very different, open the wrong can not perform the following operation! The operation method is as follows: We move the mouse to the top left corner, and then wait 1 seconds to come out of the previous application of the thumbnail, put the mouse on the left side of the screen to move down, will be on the left of the full list of the current Metro application list.

2. Let's just close the open list and shut down Metro apps that you don't need to use.

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