Win8 system Google Browser does not open prompts no registration class

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Google Browser is a lot of users of the preferred browser, upgraded to the WIN8 system, it was found that can not open Google Browser, and there is no registration class error prompts, on this issue, you can look at the following solution, may be helpful

Google Browser is a lot of users of the preferred browser, but there are individual users since the upgrade to the WIN8 system, it was found not open Google Browser, and there are "No registration class" error prompts. How can this be solved? Today small make up to bring the relevant method tutorial, hope to be able to help everybody, the following is with small weave together to see

Reason analysis: Win8 can not open Google Browser hint does not register the class, because the program calls the COM component failed, the COM component is not registered, sometimes because there is not enough permissions.

Workaround One:

1, in the Google Browser program on the mouse "right" to select "Administrator identity run."

Workaround Two:

1, first open the WIN8 System of the Operation dialog box, and then enter Regedit, return to open the registry;

2, then delete the HKLM under the Softwareclasseschrome (delete all) on it.

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