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Now more and more large-screen computer equipment, 1920x1080 pixels and higher resolution of the screen makes the picture more delicate and beautiful, but the higher resolution of the large size screen will sometimes have some trouble, although the unit area can show more pixels, but each pixel area shrinks, The display content may appear too small. Especially for Win8 large screen One machine, many people often use wireless mouse remote control, the elderly and children at home may often use, too small screen elements are not very convenient. Below we aimed at the Win8 traditional desktop and modern new interface display settings are introduced to adjust the display of Win8 large screen devices and techniques, for your reference.

Haier Q7 is a large screen machine, pre-installed WIN8 system, with 10-point touch 27-inch screen, resolution 1920x1080 pixel, equipped with Intel's third generation intelligent Core i7-3770s processor, 8GB high-speed DDR3 memory and 1TB large-capacity hard drives, More than 1GB video memory of the nvidiagt610m independent graphics, the highest can improve the performance of one machine 3.5 times times. Whether it is editing video, surfing the web or playing 3D games, you can achieve a perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. At the same time, Haier Q7 integrated machine also equipped with external piano keyboard and related teaching software, can help children learn piano playing easily. Below we take the Haier Q7 one machine as an example, introduced the adjustment Win8 large screen equipment display effect method and the skill.

Reduce screen resolution

The simplest way is to reduce the screen resolution by setting, such as modifying the 1920x1080 pixel resolution to the 1366x768 pixel, so that all the display elements can be magnified directly, but this is a waste of high-definition display, can occasionally temporarily use, is not recommended.

First enter the Win8 Control Panel. In any state, press the shortcut key "Win+x", the lower left corner of the screen will appear a system function menu, select "Control Panel" can quickly enter the Win8 traditional desktop and Windows Control Panel. Touch screen users can use their fingers to slide up from the bottom of the screen, Win8 start the bottom of the screen to appear functional area, click on the right side of the "All apps" icon, and then find "Control Panel" open.

Diagram: Lower the display resolution directly in the WIN8 Control Panel

After entering the WIN8 Control Panel, click on "Appearance and personalization-display-screen resolution", where you can see the current display device status, the "Resolution" set to the right, we click on the Drop-down menu to choose a different resolution. When set to a lower resolution and determined, you can see that the content displayed on the WIN8 device's large screen expands proportionally.

Diagram: Lower the display resolution directly in the WIN8 Control Panel

Start the "Enlarge all content on screen" switch in Win8 "easy to use"

For the start screen setting for Win8, we can turn on the "Everything on the screen" switch in the "Easy to use" Setup interface so that all the content in the screen is magnified and the number of lines displayed in the Start screen changes, but the display status under the traditional desktop does not change.

Operation steps are as follows: First enter the WIN8 system Setup interface, touch users can use their fingers to move from the right side of the screen to the left, or move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen or lower right corner, the Super button menu bar (Charm menu bar), and then select the "Settings" button, the keyboard operation is to press the "Win+i" key, Select "Change computer settings." Click "Easy to use" again.

Note: This setting switch is only available under the High Definition screen and is grayed out when the resolution is set to 1366x768 or lower.

Diagram: Turn on the "Enlarge all content on screen" switch in the Win8 "easy to use" settings interface

Diagram: Turn on the "Enlarge all content on screen" switch in the Win8 "easy to use" settings interface

Icon: Win8 Start screen in the size of the magnetic paste enlarged

Next, let's take a look at the methods and techniques for displaying dimension settings in the Win8 traditional desktop.

Make the traditional desktop taskbar display large icons

In the Windows traditional desktop, non-HD screen display small icons on the taskbar can accommodate more content, but these small size icons on the HD Screen display area will be too small, so we may want to set the icon on the taskbar to large size, so that you can fully display the high-definition screen display accuracy, It also allows users to see more clearly and easily.

The method is simple: Click the right mouse button on the taskbar, select "Properties" from the menu, and then cancel the "Use Small taskbar button" Check in the Taskbar tab and click OK.

Diagram: Win8 traditional desktop taskbar display small size icon

Icon: let Win8 traditional desktop taskbar display large size icons

Change all item dimensions in Control Panel

If we want to change more than just the program icon button in the taskbar, and want to further change all the display items such as Windows, pop-up dialogs, and the text size of the displayed content, we can set up the Win8 Control Panel-appearance and personalization-display. We can magnify the entire screen and the elements globally, scaling includes presets 100%, 125%, 150%, and custom 200%.

Note that once we set a larger display scale, the article size will be enlarged synchronously, and then you can no longer modify the text size manually.

If we only need to modify the text size individually, you can make more flexible font size settings for the text in the title bar, menus, message boxes, color palette headers, icons, and ToolTips, and so on, in the default display scale.

Use Magnifier temporarily

In addition to the previous set of permanent settings to enlarge the contents of the display, you can temporarily enlarge the view through the magnifying glass. In addition, the text in many programs supports the resizing of text by Ctrl + mouse wheel, making it easier to view after a simple change.

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