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Xbox Social

The Xbox app is installed by default after the WIN8 system is installed, which is the "game" tile. After clicking in, we will find that the entire interface is Xbox Live style, if you are using the Microsoft account login system, then enter the application will be directly logged in.

Xbox LIVE in the Win8

Here's how to use Xbox apps on Win8 from a novice perspective. Since the Xbox Live account is common with the Microsoft account, the system will assign an account to you even if you have not registered Xbox Live.

With the account number, we can start to create our own data, first of all, to edit the file. This includes the name, motto, location, and personal profile, which can be edited directly in the application. There is also a "change player code", which needs to be changed in the Web page.

Edit files

Then is to edit the personal virtual image, this is a very interesting process, we can completely according to their own preferences to edit a personalized personal image. The saved virtual pictographic will be directly visible to the Xbox Live friends.

Custom Virtual image

The personal data can be created to interact on Xbox Live, and we can share our information so that more people are concerned about us. Click on the "Shared Files" right column will be pop-up menu, we can use the existing tools to share their information, such as Sina Weibo, OneNote, everyone and mail and so on.

Built-in sharing features

Of course, we can also go to add friends, by adding a friend button to search for other users in the Xbox Live, and then we can see his virtual image, quotes and personal profiles and so on. The added friends will all appear in the buddy list.

Add Friends

After we set up a social network, we can work with them or play games in the future and increase the fun of the game through communication. Xbox Live is a gaming platform, not a single set of games.

Xbox games

While it's important to socialize in Xbox Live, the game is still the most important, and even we can make ourselves happy in a single form. The game is an absolute protagonist in Xbox apps, with a built-in Xbox games game set, with new games being launched, such as the "Angry Bird: Star Wars", just listed.

Select an interesting game in the Windows Game App Store and we can see that the pop-up window has the option to "set up a war", which is primarily a greeting to use when inviting multiplayer games. The main options here are "play" and "Browse the game."

Xbox games

Clicking "Play" will start the game directly, but if the game is not installed on the computer, the system will lead the player to purchase and install it in the Windows App Store. Some of the games in the current Xbox games are free, but there are some games to charge, such as Angry Birds: Star Wars, but you can choose to play.

Buying games in the Windows App Store

"Browse Games" will directly view the game's profile, including the introduction of the game, but the more important feature is to let the player see the results achieved in this game. Because most Xbox games games are set up with an achievement system, this makes the game more interesting. Achievements can communicate with friends, but also to obtain the corresponding points.

Browse Games

In the Xbox application we can also browse through the achievements of all the Games through "view Achievement", which can be categorized by game or by time. We can also see the achievement directly in the game while we are in the game.

View Game Achievement

In the Xbox application game, the system saves the progress in real time and synchronizes the achievement to the server. We will find that the games provided in the Xbox app will be labeled "Xbox Windows" on the top of the chart, and only these games can be played through the Xbox platform and have a synchronized achievement system, so the game is integrated with the platform and differs from the stand-alone game.

The progress is saved on the server side of the

This is the Xbox in Windows 8, which can be socially and easily played, and the games played on the most popular gaming platforms will certainly give you a totally different game of fun. With the gradual opening of the platform, we will play more in the top of the game, if you are using the WIN8 system, then hurry up and try it.

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