Win8.1 Delete avatar and avatar thumbnail recording tips

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First, Win8.1 user avatar Settings after how to delete settings

1, the default avatar directory: C:programdatamicrosoftuser account Pictures (Default user avatar).

2, but when the user will be the local account head set to a custom avatar, click the Avatar under the "Browse", can only be customized for other avatar, is not supported directly delete or cancel the settings.

3, here is a way to restore the system default User avatar Method:

Public user Avatar directory default properties are invisible to the system, first need to open any folder, click View-Check hidden items, so that the hidden folder can be displayed normally. (finally remember to remove the check, do not show hidden items)

Enter the directory c:users public user avatar, delete the corresponding custom avatar folder under the directory. (If it is a single user, delete all folders, if it is multiple users, delete their corresponding folders)

When you delete a directory if you are prompted for an error that is not sufficient, you can elevate the folder permissions by doing the following.

Change owner to everyone.

Promote everyone read-only permission to full control.

Second, how to clear the Win8.1 user avatar used thumbnail record

1, thumbnail directory default properties for system hidden invisible, first need to open any folder, set view-check hidden items, so that the hidden folder can be displayed normally. (finally remember to remove the check, do not show hidden items)

2, into the thumbnail record directory: C:userslenovo (account name) appdataroamingmicrosoftwindows user avatar, delete the corresponding image file directory.

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