Win8.1 system Xbox Music how to use?

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Xbox Music is Microsoft's newest Cross-platform musical service available to Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 users. Small series for everyone to clean up the Xbox music in the Win8.1 system of some common problems and solutions, the need for friends to see.

-Want to use Xbox music to play local songs, the collection of automatically added libraries in the music folder under the files are said to play (directly in the Explorer open can play) said please check if you are using, file location, and network proxy settings how to do?

-Want to add the following, but also found that you can not select all the songs from the collection to remove, Metro application to add files when seemingly can not use the full selection of a class, or to say just CTRL + A can not use, there is no other way to select all?

-When the playlist is changed, the song that is playing will start from the beginning. music can be all selected, just select an "album" and then CTRL + A to select all. Or select a song in the "Songs" column, and then choose it as shift-only.

However, the deletion of all the above two options is to remove all the songs to the Recycle Bin instead of clearing the music information in the Xbox music.

2. Just want to rescan all the songs, it is recommended to delete the added music location in the settings, and then add again. The Xbox music will automatically rescan for musical files.

3. In the use of the process also did not meet this situation, trying to play in the process of editing the playlist, delete or add music, the list is playing the song is still normal playback, did not appear from the beginning of the situation.

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