Win8.1 system Hdaudbus.sys cause blue screen what to do

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The power LED is still on after the Win8.1 system is turned off, and the hard drive fan is also audible. What the hell is going on here? After careful examination only then discovered Win8.1 to have been shut down the computer blue screen, according to the blue screen file analysis is the Hdaudbus.sys to cause the LAN, encounters this kind of blue screen how to solve ?

If you have the ability to turn on sleep, hibernate, and fast start, try to turn off these features before you confirm the problem:

First, press win+x key, select a command prompt (administrator), enter powercfg-h off, return (turn off hibernation).

Second, press win+x key, select Control Panel-Power Options-Select power Plan-balance/ENERGY/High performance-change plan settings-Change the Advanced power settings-sleep-allow mixed sleep, change to close.

Third, close the Quick start:

1, right click on the bottom left corner of the Microsoft logo, select Power Options--Select the function of the power button;

2. In the open window, click "Change the currently unavailable settings" and uncheck "Enable Quick Launch"

Four, turn off the screensaver

Press Win+r key, enter Rundll32.exe desk.cpl,installscreensaver, carriage return, screen saver set to "None", click OK.

Furthermore, it is recommended to download and install the latest drivers, such as power supply drive, to the website of the brand machine.

Because Hdaudbus.sys is the component of sound card, so hdaudbus.sys cause blue screen is probably the problem of sound card driver, can use above method to solve.

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