win8.1 system notebook Connection use HDMI HD cable to connect the TV without sound how to solve

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win8.1 system notebook connection use HDMI HD cable to connect to TV no sound how to solve? win8.1 system notebook has an HDMI interface, as long as the use of HDMI high-definition cable can be connected to the monitor, LCD TV screen display, so you can operate under the large screens. But some win8.1 system friends say that using HDMI high-definition cable to connect to the TV after there is no sound, do not know what happened? There may be a problem with the sound settings, read the following, you can refer to the tutorial below to solve the problem.

1, open the Control Panel, into the "hardware and sound";

2, click the Sound of "management audio equipment";

3. Right-click "Speaker/handset" In Sound equipment, select "Set as Default Device", click OK.

4, the reason is because the HDMI line has the sound synchronous transmission function, by default will make the sound through another device's loudspeaker, but sometimes the external device does not have the loudspeaker, therefore above we reset the notebook the speaker to be able to emit the sound normally.

Follow the tutorials set above to easily resolve the win8.1 system notebook connection using HDMI HD cable to connect the TV without sound after the problem, I hope to be able to help everyone.

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