Win8.1 Update How to disable the OneDrive Sync service

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First, OneDrive system Setup Chapter

1. First, use the Microsoft account to login to the current Win8.1 or Win8.1 update system platform. If the Win8.1 platform, users need to open the SkyDrive application (Win8.1 Update platform has been renamed OneDrive). At this point, Microsoft OneDrive has started to automatically generate OneDrive folders locally, synchronizing cloud data.

▲ The disturbing OneDrive sync service

2, press the win key into the Start screen, click Open Modern UI version of the OneDrive application (if the beginning of the screen is not directly on the keyboard knocking on the OneDrive found), run OneDrive application. Then, point the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen, pull out the Charm Super menu, click "Settings" and then click "Options", the sync file function set to close, turn off OneDrive sync file function, as shown in the following figure:

At this time, the Microsoft OneDrive Network disk will suspend the sync service.

So how do you disable the system's built-in OneDrive network disk Service? This requires the local Group Policy feature.

Follow the small weave and then look down.

Ii. Local Group Policy articles

The operation is as follows:

1, using the combination of key win+r, or right click the Start button, open the Run dialog box, enter Gpedit.msc, open the Local Group Policy editor;

2, Win8.1 Platform: Navigate to the Computer Configuration "Management template" Windows Components SkyDrive directory; Win8.1 Update Platform: Navigate to the Computer Configuration management template, "Windows Components" OneDrive directory.

3. Double-click to open prohibit file Storage policy setting using OneDrive (Skydrive), select "Enabled"

4, click the "OK" button, it is fully effective.

Well, since then, everything is quiet.

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