Win8.1 update how to improve OneDrive upload speed

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Today, for Win8.1 update new and old users to organize special shortcut keys. Among them, Win8.1 update built-in Microsoft's latest OneDrive cloud storage network disk, in the use of experience to upgrade very much, but upload speed is too slow. How can you improve the OneDrive upload speed?

In fact, we just need to modify the next Win8.1 update built-in OneDrive upload thread. When the number of uploaded threads increases, the OneDrive upload speed will also increase.

Test platform: Win8.1 Update (17031) platform

Reference Tutorials:

1, the use of Microsoft account login to the current Win8.1 update system platform

2, use the shortcut key "Win+r" or right click on the Desktop Start button, open the Run window

3, Input%localappdata%microsoftwindows, navigate to the Windows directory

4. Select OneDrive "Settings directory" in turn

5. Use Notepad to open the Global.ini configuration file, add Numberofconcurrentuploads =3 in the first line (note: Thread value is minimum 1, maximum is 3)

6, the preservation of the effective.

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