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About the Gezhen Hall

The Gezhen club was founded in Tokyo in 1965 by President Dashan PIDA. Dashanda was born in a village in South Korea in 1923. At the age of nine, I first came into contact with martial arts on a farm in manzhou, where I learned the Chinese Southern Boxing "18 hands ". In 1938, Dashan, 15 years old, moved to Japan and joined the Japanese Air Force to become an Air Force pilot. At that time, he began training in judo and boxing. Later, he followed the founding member of the Songtao pavilion Karate team, Yu yueyizhen, to learn from Okinawa karate. When I was 17 years old, I had achieved the best performance of four paragraphs in the karate black belt section of the Songtao pavilion. At the same time, he was also a 20-Year-Old Master of judo black band.

After the Second World War, the Japanese army surrendered. Like other young people in Japan, Dashan is in despair. He learned from his despair and followed by Cao ningzhu, a master of the rigid-flexible flow of karate. Cao ningzhu is famous for its amazing power and spiritual will, and has a profound influence on the young mountains. He encouraged Dashan to devote his life to martial arts, and suggested that he leave civilized human society for physical and spiritual seclusion cultivation. At this time, Dashan came into contact with the book "". He learned from the book the spirit of the swordsman. Since then, he has become a mentor in his mind.

In 1946, Dashan chose Yamanashi, the former Secret of Miyamoto wuzang, as the place of cultivation. Accompanied by one of his experts, he began his practice of seclusion. In the meantime, one of his friends sent food to them every month for support. Practice is very bitter, and Dashan can eventually overcome the mental pressure caused by extreme loneliness. However, his family members couldn't afford it, and finally escaped six months later. About fourteen months later, Dashan's friends stopped providing food support and had to end their three-year cultivation program with a budget of no alternative. Several months later, in 1947, Dashan Bada participated in the World martial arts competition for the first time in Japan after the Second World War, although he won the championship. However, he was deeply aware that the traditional karate competition did not have the actual combat capabilities, and he decided to launch a practical Karate competition. In addition, he has been worried about failing to complete three years of seclusion practice. He has decided to devote his life to martial arts. To this end, he decided to leave the civilized society again to fulfill his wish. This time, he chose Qingcheng Mountain, qianye County, as a place for his self-improvement. He practiced for 12 hours every day for the purpose of this crazy training. He continued to practice in the cold waterfall every day and broke stones with his hands, using trunk as a means of boxing, as well as making hundreds of jumps on Thorn plants. In the evening, Dashan will use meditation and meditation for spiritual tempering. After 18 months of hard work, Dashan finally returned to the civilized human society. At this moment, he felt that he was born out of his bones.

In order to test his own strength and publicize his own practical karate, Dashan began fighting against fifty-two bulls in 1950. As a result, three men died on the spot, the horn of forty-nine bulls was cut off by hand with a karate knife. In 1952, dashanda traveled to multiple places in the United States to demonstrate the martial arts he proposed. In the meantime, he defeated all 270 opponents. Most of them won with the "one blow" tactic. In each showdown, the winner and the winner are scored within three minutes. Someone commented on the power of Dashan PIDA: "When he approaches you, you're done. No one can defend against his attacks. If you use your arm to resist his fist, your arm will be broken, but if you do not resist it, it will be your bones or ribs ." He is said to be able to twist ten Yuan coins with his thumb and forefinger, and to break 14 bottles of whisky with a hand knife. Because of the amazing power and technology of Dashan BDA, since then, people have called him "God's hand: Dashan BDA ".

In 1953, Dashan Bada set up his first dojo in Tokyo. At that time, he was in the peak state. He joined different martial arts factions to give up short length and integrate it into the actual combat karate he advocated. In addition, he was very strict with the training of students, and laid the foundation for a very real karate. In 1957, the first "Dashan" dojo was established by Bobby Lowe in Hawaii. Bobby Lowe loves martial arts. Since childhood, I was trained by my father in Chinese martial arts. At the age of 23, he was in the black band of judo, the black band of the Kendo and the first section of the airway. Such a martial artist was shocked by his amazing power and technology during his karate demonstration in Hawaii in 1952. Then he met with Dashan and worshipped him as a teacher, follow your learning skills. Bobby Lowe became the first "inner Disciple" of the Gezhen club ". The tradition of "RuO Lions" also comes from this. Each year, the Gezhen club selects a few elites to perform strict training on entry for 1000 days.

The global headquarters of this Association was established in 1963. It was officially launched in Tokyo on June 1, 1965. The name is also "extreme truth". The full name is "international Karate league, extreme truth club". since 1969, the competition will host Japanese karate competitions every year and the world's karate competitions every four years, it is also famous for its full-contact competition examples. It is also because of the strict training, unremitting efforts, and indomitable fighting spirit of karate. The geeks are recognized by the global martial arts community. In just over thirty years, the Gezhen club has set up branches in more than 120 countries around the world. It has more than 12 million students and has become one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world.

On July 22, April 1994, the President of Dashan Bada died in Japan at the age of 70. This day is not only the most sad day of the more than 12 million most authentic disciples in the world, but also a sad day in the martial arts industry. One who devoted his whole life to karate, developed traditional karate into a practical karate and promoted it to every corner of the world, finally left us. But don't be sad, because the spirit of "extremely real" will continue to develop from generation to generation.

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