Windows VMware12 installation of Mac OS 10.11 system

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Because the company to use the Apple system to manage their own apps, but the company did not match the Apple Computer, had to use the virtual machine to make a system to use. Oneself is also engaged for a long time, found on the Internet various methods, finally took care of. are looking for someone else's method on the internet, now I tidy up.

1. First say something to download: VMware workstation, Mac OS 10.11 system image file, unlocker208 file.

First download installs the vmware12 software, first not busy runs the software.

2, download unzip unlocker208 file, find win-install.cmd run. This step is important, otherwise the VM will not be able to identify the OS system, and if you have already opened the VM, you will need to shut down all VMS services through the Task Manager.

3. Run VM, select new virtual machine , configuration type Select Typical ,

4. Install the guest operating system select the Installer CD image file and Select the OS image file you downloaded yourself .

5, the guest operating system, select Mac OS X, if there is no option to explain the second step is not good, after using the task Manager to turn off all VM services, re-execute the second step, may be the unlocker file has a problem, you can download a few more try.

6. Then follow the Virtual Wizard prompts to complete the creation.

7, after the completion of the creation, not busy to open the virtual machine, in the virtual machine you created the VM location found in the OS X xx.xx.vmx file, right-click Open with Notepad, find smc.present = "TRUE", in the back manually add Smc.version = "0".

8, open the virtual machine, if there is no problem, directly see 9. I encountered a problem in this, the virtual machine has been restarted, and the situation (panic (CPU 0 caller 0XFFFFFF8003B9ED64): Launch exited), this problem plagued a long time, later on the internet to see a great God method: Find the virtual machine in the OS X xx.xx.vmx file, added on the bottom line: cpuid.1.eax = "00000000000000010000011010100101". After restarting the virtual machine, there is no problem.

9, according to the Installation wizard prompt operation, finally installed OS X prompt:OS X Base System does not have enough space to install.

10, this is click on the disk above the utility , select Disk Utility , select the VMware Workstation SATAhard Drive Media, select the erase Item, format select OS X Expand the log, the scheme chooses cuid, after erasing the disk tool, will install OS X again, will appear one more disk, select this disk. There is no problem at the back.

Windows VMware12 installation of Mac OS 10.11 system

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