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Mac OS X 10.8.X does not generate emulator when compiling Android4.2.X source code.

Note: Checking build tools versions...Build/core/main. mk: 165: ****************************************Build/core/main. mk: 166: * gcc is linked to llvm-gcc which will *Build/core/main. mk: 167: * not create a useable emulator .*Build/core/main. mk: 168: **************************************** Android official explanation: Emulator built on MacOS 10.7 Lion doesn't work. ----------------------------------

Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac OS X 10.11

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Note: This article is from:csdn:n column .windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac

Mac OS X: Implementing Read and write operations on Mac OS and windows for mobile hard drives

Brief introduction:Mac OS can only read in NTFS format by default.The existing NTFS file system format of the mobile hard disk, inserted on Mac OS mounted after the read-only mode (read-only), unable to write operations.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" read-only "alt = "Wkiom1xhvzuqszgmaa

How to install Windows with Bootcamp on your Mac, troubleshoot blue screen problems when you start the emulator using Android Studio

Original link bresolin/ windows-10-on-mac-with-boot-camp-making-intel-haxm-work-without-crashing-the-system-39555854f815Probably meaning Android Studio simulator requires Intel's HAXM service, but there is a problem between the power management and HAXM of Windows on Mac, so after sleep does

"Go" OS Unix, Windows, Mac OS, Linux stories

Computers, computers have become an essential part of our lives. Whether it is a large supercomputer, or a mobile phone-like small terminal equipment, all running an operating system. It is these operating systems that let those hardware and chips proudly combine to allow the software to run, allowing our world to enjoy life again and again in the field of technology.The operating systems we know are probably all Windows series, and Apple's success in

Windows users use VMware virtual machines to install the black Apple Mac. OS. X operating system and vmwaremac. OS. x

Windows users use VMware virtual machines to install the black Apple Mac. OS. X operating system and vmwaremac. OS. x Operating System Used Windows 7 SP1 X64 Used in this tutorial In this tutorial ) The computer memory is lower 4G Add memory. ... 1. SecurAble (Detect y

How to install Mac with VM virtual machine under Windows How to start Mac Apple OS root user account

Install Mac OS with VM virtual machine under Windows, start root user account on Apple ComputerFirst download two files one is unlocker,: Link: Password: 6nyrOne is OS X 10.11.1 (15b42). CDR:: Link: Password: tjvi1 Create virtual machine, click New virtual

VMware 12 Install Virtual machine Mac OS X 10.10 using tips (virtual machine Mac OS X 10.10 time settings, virtual machine Mac OS X 10.10 via proxy Internet, Mac OS X 10.10 virtual machine optimized, VMware VMS replicate with each other)

1: Modify Mac OS system time2:mac OS system via proxy InternetVMware 12 Install Mac OS X 10.10 virtual machine Optimization TipsVirtual video card mishap, so it must be optimized to use, the principle of optimization is able to st

Windows and Mac OS

From: Why do I prefer Apple Computers and Mac OS X? As a person who often uses Mac OS x and is developing on Mac OS x, I have been looking for a chance to explai

For Windows 7 and VMware Workstation10, deploy the IOS development environment [install Mac OS X Server10.6] And vmwareios

For Windows 7 and VMware Workstation10, deploy the IOS development environment [install Mac OS X Server10.6] And vmwareiosWindows 7, VMware Workstation10 deployment IOS development environment Mac OS X Server10.6 system installation The basic situation is

Using VMware to install Mac OS x Apple System under Windows

How does vmware install OS x10.9? VMware 10 Installing the Mac OS 10.9 tutorial Source: Internet anonymous time: 10-30 13:50:20 "Big Small" VMWare virtual machines enable you to run two or more windows, DOS, and Linux systems on a single machine. So how does VMware 10 install Mac

MAC OS tops Windows dual system

First of all, it is absolutely not recommended to use the Windows system on the apple, tolerance of the unfamiliar OS X, sooner or later will feel good value for money. Second, I really want to doErase OS X Windows This Maiduhuanzhu thing, there is a way: do bootcamp in OS X

Installation of Win8.1+mac OS X 10.10 Dual system tutorial in Windows environment

First of all, I would like to thank the future forum of the Great Gods of the posts without their share I can not smoothly loaded on Mac OS X 10.10!This essay is written mainly to prevent myself from forgetting, and to share my experience with you.This tutorial is for friends who use bios+mbr PartitioningFirst of all, introduce my Computer hardware informationInstallation Environment: win8.1 systemGuide Mod

How Mac OS x shares a network with Windows

How does Mac OS x share a network with Windows? Many people want Macs to share a network with Windows, but don't know what to do. In fact, after installing Parallels Desktop on a Mac, Windows is set to share network settings with

qt5.x app on Mac OS X and Windows platform Publishing process

QT is a very powerful cross-platform development tool that can now be developed for Mac OS X,Windows,Linux,Android,IOS and other platforms. App. For android and IOS platforms, publishing is relatively easy, for example,the Android platform is generated by apk files uploaded to Android devices, So install the apk file directly. But the application of PC platforms

Installing a Mac OS X 10.8 virtual machine under Windows 8.1

Reprinted from 1, readyHost operating system: Windows 8.1 64-bit. In particular, CPU support for hardware virtualization is required. If Hyper-V is installed on Windows 8.1, it is definitely supported. Required Software:1) VMware Player 7.0Https:// Unlocker 2.0.4http://www.

Install Mac OS on Windows

Developing iOS programs on Windows is a painful thing to do because:Developing Android programs, using Eclipse,eclipse with Windows version also has Mac version, so Mac on the development Android program and not much difference on windows;However, to develop an iOS program t

How to allow Mac OS and Windows mutual access in the same LAN)

I think many of my friends want to know how to do this, and there seems to be no ready-made tutorials on the Internet. Here I will give you a tutorial % Z # l8 n'j: G "x * w # K # _ 3 FHypothesis:PC1: Windows IP: shared directory: smbfolds # V u't4 |! [) M5PC2: Mac OS ip: shared directory: aaa5 N2 C # Y: B; R "Q $ K6 @A. How to access

MAC OS x Create Windows Extended partitions with Windows 8 dual boot environments

supports only four primary partitions or three primary partitions + one extended partition. The scenario now is that Mac OS X occupies 3 primary partitions (boot partitions, Macintosh HD, hidden partitions) and Windows 8 occupies a partition. Four primary areas are used, so it is not possible to continue creating new partitions on basic disks. My requirement is

Experience an Apple system--install Mac OS X on Windows

Whenever I see colleagues in the use of Apple notebook when it feels very envious, beautiful interface, concise operation, always want to experience a, today I will lead you to experience a, on the Windows computer installed Mac OS.Experimental Purpose: Install Mac OS on your own normal PC to taste the delicio

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