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This time the forum has a friend to mention can not be under the WINDOWS2003+IIS6 to establish Winwebmail mail, encounter not some problems, deliberately this old article again send to everyone
1) View hard disk: Two 9.1G SCSI hard drives (real capacity 8.46*2)
2) Zoning
System partition X Disk 7.49G
WEB partition x Disk 1.0G
Mail partition x disk 8.46G (with 1000 100M mailboxes enough)
3 Install Windows SERVER 2003
4) Play basic patch (Antivirus) ... Be sure not to pick up the wire before this!
5) Online Patching
6 Uninstall or disable Microsoft's SMTP service (simple Mail transpor Protocol), otherwise port conflicts will occur
7 Install the Winwebmail and reboot the server so that Winwebmail completes the installation. and register. Then restore the Winwebmail data.
8 install Norton 8.0 and press Winwebmail Help content settings to enable Norton and Winwebmail to act together to email antivirus (update Norton to the latest virus library)
8.1 Enable Norton's Realtime protection function
8.2 You must set the 1th step for macro virus and non-macro virus must be to delete infected files, and must turn off warning prompt!!
8.3 The \mail and all subdirectories in the installation directory must be excluded from the virus-checking settings, and the \temp folder under the Winwebmail installation folder will be searched only for real-time. Note: If you do not have a \temp folder, create the \temp folder manually before you make this setting.
9 Winwebmail DNS set to WIN2K3 network settings in DNS, remember, want to send out the best set up a different alternate DNS address, the external letter to all rely on these DNS address
10 give the winwebmail of the installation and the parent directory the Internet Guest account (iusr_*) permission to read \ Run \ List Folder directories.
Winwebmail installation directory, Full control of Internet access account
Give [Superuser/system] Full Control in the Setup disk and directory, and restart IIS to ensure that the settings take effect.
11) To prevent the outgoing spam:
11.1 On the server click on the lower right corner icon, and then in the pop-up menu "System Settings"--> "Send and Receive Rules" Select "Enable SMTP Letter Authentication function" item, effective protection against the outgoing spam.
11.2 in the "System Setup"--> "Send and receive rules" in the "Allow only users in the system to write to the outside" item.
11.3 Click on the lower-right corner icon on the server and select the "Enable automatic spam filtering feature" item on the "-->" page of the pop-up menu, and then enable the "Allow AutoFit" entry in its settings.
11.4 "System Setup"--> the "Maximum number of recipients"-----> 10 in the "Send and receive rule".
11.5 System Settings--> The protection page Select the Enable Connection attack protection feature, and then set enable automatic protection.
11.6 user-level anti-spam spam, need to login webmail, in "options | Anti-spam settings.
12 Open IIS 6.0, confirm enable ASP enabled, then build a virtual directory (such as mail) under the default site, then point to the \web subdirectory under the installation Winwebmail directory, and open the browser to access webmail at the following address:
http://<;; What is your IP or domain name >/mail/? Too much trouble to build? That could be missed. Winwebmail powerful webmail function, 3-minute set of guaranteed value
Basic Web settings:
13.1 Confirm "System settings"--> "Resource Usage settings" is not selected "Public application is included domain name account"
13.2 "System Setup"--> "Send and receive rules" set HELO MX record for your domain name
13.3. Solve the problem that Server 2003 cannot upload large attachments:
13.3.1 shuts down the IIS Admin service in the service.
13.3.2 Find the MetaBase.xml file under Windows\system32\inetsrv\.
13.3.3 Open With plain text, find aspmaxrequestentityallowed modify it to the desired value (10M is: 10240000), the default is: 204800, that is: 200K.
13.3.4, and then restart the IIS Admin service.
13.4. Troubleshoot problems with Server 2003 that cannot download more than 4M of attachments
13.4.1 first turn off the IIS Admin service in the service.
13.4.2 find the MetaBase.xml file under Windows\system32\inetsrv\.
13.4.3 Open in plain text, find aspbufferinglimit change it to the desired value (20M is: 20480000).
13.4.4, and then restart the IIS Admin service.
13.5. Solve the problem that the large attachment upload is apt to timeout failure.
Increase the script timeout in IIS by clicking the Configure button under the home directory of the site or (virtual directory) of IIS, setting the script timeout to: 300 seconds (Note: not the session timeout).
13.6. In IIS 6.0 that resolves Windows 2003, the prompt for "[Timeout, retry]" appears frequently on web logons.
Remove the tick before the option "close worker process after idle this period" in the application pool properties--> Webmail used by the "recycle worker Process" and "Properties--> performance", and then restart IIS to resolve it.
13.7. Solve the problem that the letter button will return to the system login interface after a long time webmail.
Increase the session time (sessions) appropriately for 60 minutes. Click Configure---Options under the home directory of the IIS site or virtual directory properties to set it (SERVER 2003 defaults to 20 minutes).
13.8. After installation to view the installation directory of Winwebmail there is no \temp directory, if not, manually build one.
14 send and receive mail and 10M accessories test (internal and external, internal and external).
15 Turn on the 2003 POP3.SMTP.WEB Firewall and open the Remote Desktop. Allow this 4 service, OK, if you want to use IMAP4 or SSL SMTP.POP3.IMAP4 also need to open the appropriate port.
16 send and receive test again (internal and external, internal and external).
17 Rename, strengthen strong password, and disable guest account number.
18 renamed Superuser, set up fake administrator, and set up a second super user.
It's all done! Busy for a long time, and now finally can come to enjoy a winwebmail super webmail function, let ' s go!

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