Windows7 Environment: Git SSH Create key step

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When we use a warehouse such as GitHub to pull a replacement code, it may require SSH authentication, so we need to generate a local SSH key.

So how to generate SSH key??

1, first to install the Git tool (previous: Git installation steps)

2. Right mouse, check "Git Bash here" or open it in Windows "start"---> "so program" or install directory;

3. Enter the. SSH folder

Command: CD ~/.ssh/

If you are prompted with "No such file or directory", the. ssh folder does not exist, you need to create one manually;

Command: mkdir ~/.ssh

4, configure the global name and email, here is your GitHub or bitbucket name and email

$ git config--global "Your name"
$ git config--global "[Email protected]"

5. Generate key

Ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "[email protected]"

Press three times in succession, the password set here is empty, and the key is created;

Finally, two documents were obtained: Id_rsa and;

6. Open the Suwy directory, enter the. SSH folder, open the with Notepad, copy the contents of the content to your github, and SSH setup is complete.

Because I use the Gerrit, so add ssh location here:

7, self-detection add key is successful

Is Git clone a Gerrit on the project, see whether can clone down, can demonstrate success.

Windows7 Environment: Git SSH Create key step

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