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1, desktop-computer, right key-Properties, the remote settings on the left, the remote desktop similar to the Windows XP system interface, directly click to allow any version of Remote Desktop computer connection Click Application, the hint because the firewall is closed, can not open Remote Desktop, not it? Look in the Control Panel, Indeed, the firewall did not open, not only did not open, but also disabled! God horse situation!!! Find the instructions on the installed system disk: "* Close Firewall service;", I'm going to go, hurry to Control Panel-admin tools-Services, find Windows FIREWALL,MD really disabled, change to automatic-boot, back to Remote Desktop settings This is OK, But there is another exclamation mark: The Windows Firewall exception must be enabled for Remote Desktop, which is a link that is clicked quickly, and appears:

When Windows firewall is enabled, use Remote Desktop

Because Windows firewall restricts communication between your computer and the Internet, you may need to change the settings for Remote Desktop Connection to make it work correctly.

Single hit open Windows firewall.

In the left pane, click Allow programs or features to pass Windows firewall.

Click Change Settings. Administrator privileges are required and if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Under Allowed programs and features, select the check box next to Remote Desktop, and then use the check boxes in the column to select the type of network location to allow traffic.

Click OK.


If the Change Settings button is not available, you may not have changed some of the settings that are managed by your system administrator.

OK, I went to the firewall again-allow the program or function to look through Windows firewall, the result of my "Change settings" button is gray, not available!!! I was really defeated!!!

What can we do about it??? Online Search a bit, a lot of said to upgrade to administrator rights, but I have been the administrator ah, and then think of group strategy to see it, is not the group did what restrictions?

2, the Computer right button, Group Policy (this is my version of the system integration, specific how to enter the Group Policy), into the Computer Configuration-management template-network-network connectivity-windows Firewall-Standard profile-windows firewall: Allow inbound Remote Desktop exception, double-click, default is not configured, Select Enabled, enter * in the following IP address (follow the instructions if you want to fix IP), OK, test successful

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