Windows7 under Thingworx 7 installation

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1. Environment preparation

Windows7 64-bit +JDK8+TOMCAT8+POSTGRESQL9

2. Installation of JDK8 and TOMCAT8

There is not much to be described here, the basic is the next step.

It is important to note that a Tomcat-installed interface changes the 8080 to 80

In addition, after completing the Tomcat installation, select Configure in the menu and change the configuration to

The official document also has this paragraph, because the Server.xml default is commented out, so I did not control it, and temporarily also run successfully.

3. Installing PostgreSQL Database

Default installation, all the way to the next step, you enter the user name password to remember. There is a link to select the character set, some people say that choose the default, some people say "C", I choose the default.

Then use Pgadmin III to connect to the database and create a new twadmin role under "Login role"

4. Execute script

First, the PostgreSQL directory is configured to path, the same way as in Java.

Then create a folder called Thingworxpostgresqlstorage, the default Thingworx installation script Bat is C:\ThingworxPostgresqlStorage

Add Network_service permissions for this directory.

Then execute the Thingworxpostgresdbsetup.bat and Thingworxpostgresschemasetup.bat in the installation directory, and you may be asked to enter multiple passwords.

Create a new thingworx_platform_settings directory on the C drive and copy the Platform-settings.json into it.

You can then copy the Thingworx.war into the Tomcat 8.0\webapps directory.

5. Access System

Enter http://"IP"/thingworx, enter the user name password.

Individual tests under Windows2003 can also be installed successfully. Just install the JDK8 when there will be alarm prompts.

Windows7 under Thingworx 7 installation

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