Windows8, Windows8.1, and Microsoft Office 2013 activation

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KMS activation software:

What is a KMS? What is pseudo-activation?
Kmspico Activation software: Link: Password: ci79
heu_kms activation Software:
KMS8 activation Software: Http://
MTKV activation Software: Http://

Phone activation:

Original address:

Win8.1 Phone activation tutorial office2013 phone activation Tutorial Windows8.1 activating Graphics Tutorial |

first, pre-preparation work

1. Call the phone software (Skype is recommended), be sure to plug in the headset

2, recording software or using mobile phone recording

3. VPN Software

4.Windows 8.1 available key key

Latest Win7 Win8 win8.1 win10 office2013 key activation key Live Update |

5.Windows 8.1 MSDN Official edition

MSDN, I'm telling you

Second, the activation procedure method

1 , the Microsoft logo in the lower left corner of the desktop Right click on the icon, click Command Prompt (Admin) or press the keyboard to win icon key + X key, and then press a Key

2 , click is a

3 , Administrator: Command prompt Interface

4 , input SLMGR-UPK Enter (Note: right mouse button Copy paste up can be)

5 , click Determine

6 , input slmgr.vbs-ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Enter (note: XXXX Representative the meaning of the key)

7 , click Determine

8 , input Slui 4 Enter (note: right mouse button Copy paste up can be)

9 , select United Kingdom

Ten , click Next Step

One , the Installation ID : the following 9 Group number or manually record it.

A , with Skype Call UK (using Skype before Remember link VPN first Choose a British line, or you can't get out.

Then you will hear the following, what you have to do is computer operation:

Thank for calling Microsoft. For security purposes, please enter the following number using your touch phone pad. Please enter the number, XXX
If the input is correct, then one second after the input is completed

Thank you, success. Transfer the activation system.
(Thank you, success.) Please do not hang up, I will transfer you to our activation system)

If you lose three times, you have the following feedback
Unfortunately, unable to verify. Please call back and try again.
(Unfortunately, you cannot be identified as "a person or a computer".) Please call back again and try again.)

Next is the female voice:

Welcome to Microsoft Product Activation.
(Welcome to Microsoft Product Activation Center)

Please press 1 as a home user, and 2 if you is a business customer with a volume license agreement.
(For Home users ( Pro) please press 1If you are a volume licensing agreement for enterprise customers ( Enterprise Edition) , Press 2)

There are two things to be aware of here .
Scenario 1: You are Windows Professional non-VL Press 1
Scenario 2: You are Windows Professional VL or Windows Enterprise by pressing 2

Scenario 1: You are Office Professional Plus non-VL Press 1
Scenario 2: You are the Office Professional Plus VL Press 2

(It is important here, if you choose the wrong one, it will not give you the key, but it tells you that was is not Verify)
If you choose to press 2, then here, then press 1.
Some business licences require activation. If you want to activate your Microsoft products, press 1. To activate Remote Desktop or Terminal Services product, press 2. If you require a volume licence key for your licencing agreement, please press 3. For question related to the Volume Licence Service center, press 4. To-help us-to-process your enquiry, please have all valuable agreement information-hang, such as your agreement and org Anization number, and also your live ID.
(Some commercial users need to be activated.) If you want to activate your Microsoft product, press 1. To activate a remote Desktop or Terminal Services product, press 2. If you need a volume-licensed key to add to the license you are using, press 3. For questions related to Volume Licensing Service center, press 4. If you need us to help you with your inquiry, please provide all useful licensing information, such as your license or organization number, and your authorization ID.

the next option is to press 1 . or press 2 after the operation steps

To activate, you must has your installation numbers from your Activation Wizard screen.
(To activate the computer, you must have an activation number from the computer's Activation Wizard)

If you is familiar with this process, you may press the hash key to skip any instructions.
(If you are familiar with this process, you can press the # key to skip)

No personal information is collected during activation.
(No personal information is collected during activation)

If you have a your ID to hand and is ready for proceed, please press the hash key.
(If you have an activation ID on your hand and are ready to continue activating, press #号键)

Start typing ID, you can copy and paste directly into the Skype window

To repeat this message, press the Star key (repeat this messages by pressing the * number key)

Please enter the first group now (input number one)

Thank you! and the second group (thank you, please enter the second set of numbers)

Thank you! and the third group (thank you, please enter the third set of numbers)

Thank you! and the fourth group (thank you, please enter the fourth number)

Thank you! and the fifth group (thank you, please enter the fifth number)

Thank you! and the sixth group (thank you, please enter the sixth number)

Thank you! and the seventh group (thank you, please enter the seventh number)

Thank you! Now enter the eighth group (thank you, please enter the eighth number)

Thank you! To finish, enter the final group (thank you, please enter the last group of numbers to complete the input)

Your confirmation number is generated (please wait, your activation code is being generated)

(If the input is incorrect, the system will say sorry, I could not receive all of the digit.) will also say an error is detected, please repeat your last entry. etc.) wait for her to finish and then repeat the wrong group.

and then I'm going to have 3 . type of situation:

(1 ) Key in case of failure, please replace Key .

We is unable to activate your product.
(We are unable to activate your product)

It's possible that's a victim of software piracy.
(You may be a victim of pirated software.) )

In order to check if your product was original, click on the Weblink wwwmicrosoftcom/genuine.
(Check if your product is genuine (original), please login URL wwwmicrosoftcom/genuine. )

To obtain the licensed Product,please return to your Microsoft reseller.
(To obtain a legitimate (licensed) product, please go to your Microsoft reseller. )

To repeat the message, please press the Star key.
(To repeat the message, press the * number key.) )

No entry was detected.
(No information input detected)

We is now ending your call
(Now we end your call)

(2 ) Key a valid situation

Many computers is your product currently installed?
(Your activation key is installed on several computers?) )

Press one if you have installed this product on one computer.
(If you have this key installed on a computer, press 1)

Press If you have the install this product on the more than one computer.
(If you don't just install this key on a computer, press 2)

* Do not hesitate at this time, press 1, if the installation of Rskype Recorder can now start recording ~

We'll now continue to activate your product.
(now we will continue to activate your product)

Your entry was accepted and now you'll hear the confirmation ID readout.
(The data you entered is accepted and you will now hear the confirmation ID)

Starting with Block A. (starting from Group A)

Either insert this number to the empty blocks at the bottom of your Activation wizard, or write this number down For immediate entry to the Activation Wizard at the end of this call.
(Enter these numbers for the empty blocks at the bottom of your Activation wizard, or write down these numbers to enter the Activation Wizard as soon as the call ends.) )

To hear this message again, please press the Star key.
(Hearing this message again, press the * number key.) )

For help, press 0.
(If you need help, please press 0)

* Then press # or wait a few seconds to hear the following message

Here is Block a:xxxxxx
Group A Registration Code

To continue press the hash key.
(to continue, please press #号键)

To repeat, the last block press, the star key.
(To repeat, press the * number key)

* Press * To repeat the above, press # or wait a few seconds to enter the next group

Group B Registration Code

To continue press the hash key.
(to continue, please press #号键)

To repeat, the last block press, the star key.
(To repeat, press the * number key)

(3) Key is valid, but you have chosen the wrong licence agreement , or you have already made a phone call.

The installation number is not verify. You'll be transfer to the next valuable agent.
(The serial number you provided cannot be confirmed by us.) You will be transferred to the next available institution)

There are two possibilities for this situation
A. One is to choose the wrong licence agreement, you can also re-call to find out your business VL or non-VL or enterprise
B. Unfortunately, you cannot call two times with the same installation ID. Use only another valid key, or re-install the system

- , input number of telephone feedback (before entering, hold down shift key, or copy and paste) Click activating Windows

- , the following interface appears, congratulations, the activation has been successful

the , the Microsoft logo in the lower left corner of the desktop Right click on the icon and click system, appears

- , about the issue of the watermark after activation, please, you can refresh a few more desktop, or a different background on it

- , about accidentally turned off the activation interface of the classmate, re-open Administrator: Command Prompt Input Slui 4 Enter

Third, Microsoft (UK) Hotline activation Video Tutorial

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The following is the focus ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Original address:

"Share" Microsoft products without Skype calls can be confirmed via web link id! _windows8 Bar _ Baidu Paste

and the phone activation step is basically the same as the operation on the Web page

Have you ever heard about activating a Windows product without a Skype call to get a confirmation ID via a web link?

Today inadvertently open a foreign site found this link: 1411136811600-44724f33e7fce4e165b57ae7a25a1488e4ef24d-7e3e&accountid=microsoft&appkey= d33d9f88-ef06-49f4-85d6-0ebd42adc11b&language=english&name=pana&click%20to%20call%20caller%20id=+ 17085393212&customerphonenumber=tel:555555555&sessionid=ec9176dcefea62ba5488e61a09f7c

Tested to activate Office, Windows systems that have a valid retail key and an OEM key installed.

Note: Do not copy and paste when entering the installation ID, you must enter it manually.

This link can also: 1411136811600-44724f33e7fce4e165b57ae7a25a1488e4ef24d-7e3e&accountid=microsoft&appkey= D33d9f88-ef06-49f4-85d6-0ebd42adc11b&language=english&name=pana

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Windows8, Windows8.1, and Microsoft Office 2013 activation

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