WinForm user controls, dynamically creating add controls, Timer controls-December 12, 2016

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User controls:

Use layouts to consolidate multiple controls into a single control, modify them to suit your needs, and modify all controls and control properties within a user control

To create the add control dynamically:

1                 // Defining control Types 2                 New Button (); 3                  // Control Name ... such as attributes, can also be directly bound to various events 4                 "mybutton" + i.tostring (); 5                 // add to the form this   can be replaced with the  container control 6this                 . Controls.Add (BTN);

Timer Control:

Code Creation Binding Event

1System.Timers.Timer T =NewSystem.Timers.Timer (10000);//instantiate the Timer class, set a time interval of 10000 milliseconds;2t.elapsed + =NewSystem.Timers.ElapsedEventHandler (theout);//execution of events at time of arrival;3T.autoreset =true;//Whether the setting is executed once (false) or always executed (true);4t.enabled =true;//whether to execute the System.Timers.Timer.Elapsed event;5     6      Public voidTheout (Objectsource, System.Timers.ElapsedEventArgs e)7      {   8MessageBox.Show ("ok!"); 9}

Design interface

1. Drag the timer to the interface, set the attribute value, time interval and so on;

2. In the event, double-click the automatic generation method such as Theout;

3. Call the method, Timer.start (), Timer.stop () in the button event to invoke, and so on.

WinForm user controls, dynamically creating add controls, Timer controls-December 12, 2016

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