WinRAR how to disguise classified documents as GIF images

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The files that need to be hidden are compressed into a RAR file with WinRAR and then a picture in GIF format is prepared. Next, download a 16-in-file editor named UltraEdit. UltraEdit is a text, Hex, ASCII code editing software, you can edit the EXE and DLL files in 16-way.

The goal is to hide the rar file in a GIF file. When someone clicks on the GIF file, it will be an image, so you can hide the confidential files. If you want to check the secret, you can rename the GIF file as a RAR file, click on it will start WinRAR, you can see the hidden files. You can also run WinRAR first, drag its main window a little bit, and then use the left mouse button to drag the masked GIF file into the WinRAR window, release the left mouse button, in the WinRAR will show you hidden in the confidential documents. Who would have thought that such a big secret was hidden in a GIF picture?

Install the run UltraEdit, use it to open a prepared in advance of any GIF file, we recommend that you choose this GIF file size should not be too small, or add a RAR file volume will become larger, a small image of a GIF file, the file size is very large, will arouse suspicion of others. Open the GIF file, and then use UltraEdit to open the meaning of the confidential documents of the RAR file, at this time you will see the file 16 into the code, press CTRL + A key to select the entire RAR file code, press CTRL + C key to copy the code, and then go to the UltraEdit open gif file, press the CTRL key and the end key to the GIF file code. Before the last code (that is, the 2nd code), press CTRL + V to insert the code of the RAR file just copied, and click "Save" on the "File" menu to merge the gif file with the zip file. Now, no one can know your secret!

Special attention: Must not be smart to hide the RAR file to add access to the password, otherwise can not hide success, run hidden GIF file can not correctly display the picture, renamed as RAR file can not be opened with WinRAR it. Remember this, this is the key to success!

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