Wireless doorbell again doorbell revolution Storm

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The doorbell's third revolution: Wireless doorbell without battery

-the world's greenest and most energy-efficient wireless doorbell:augreener Wireless Doorbell

The earliest doorbell is wired, requires special cabling, installation and maintenance costs are high. With the development of wireless technology, wireless doorbell was born. Wireless doorbell does not need wiring, installation is simple and flexible, become the mainstream choice of people.

However, wireless doorbell commonly used 12V battery, battery life is not long, difficult to buy, the use of users caused great inconvenience. In response to this situation, Augreener company launched the World's first wireless doorbell without the use of batteries-passive wireless doorbell, completely changed the specific form of wireless doorbell, called the third revolution of the doorbell.

The doorbell uses the most advanced energy harvesting technology, a tap, you can generate electricity, rely on the power button to drive the wireless doorbell , do not use batteries, you are the real source of energy. Let you never get rid of the doorbell power troubles and the battery difficult to buy the sorrow.

With Augreener Company's wireless doorbell, you can get the following benefits.

More economical.

Ordinary wireless doorbell need to use a 12V battery, the battery can be used for a year, and the ordinary wireless doorbell service life generally in 3 years, in this three years, the ordinary doorbell users need to buy three batteries and replace the doorbell. And our passive wireless doorbell, life up to 20 years, so, buy a passive wireless doorbell to help you Save:6 Ordinary doorbell +18 knots 12V Battery + additional costs incurred in purchasing the battery . So, Augreener's wireless doorbell will bring you even greater benefits.

More environmentally friendly

A battery can make one square meter of battery can never be cultivated, a button battery will make 600 tons of water is not drinkable, the equivalent of a person's drinking water in a lifetime. Of the five substances that threaten the natural environment, three species are contained in the battery: Mercury, lead, and chromium. Buy a passive wireless doorbell, you can save the next Battery, protect the soil of cubic meters,10800 tons of water for our future generations to leave a green and healthy Earth.

Longer service life

The life of a normal doorbell is only three years long. Augreener Company to you solemn promise: We produce every doorbell has been strict factory testing, the service life of more than 150,000 times, to ensure that you use the normal year .

Transmission distance farther

Passive wireless doorbell transmission distance in the open up to 280 meters , can easily penetrate a few cement walls and metal iron gates,

Fully able to meet the user's normal use requirements.

More worry

Augreener Company Passive Wireless doorbell installation is simple and convenient, no maintenance , so you make comfortable, with the rest assured.

For more information, please visit www.augreener.com

Wireless doorbell again doorbell revolution Storm

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