With it, the boat of friendship said not to turn over!

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Although the friendship of the boat can not withstand the wind and waves, said turn over, love of the wheel also escaped the attack of the storm, said Sink sank! But if with the Dragon King has a fixed Poseidon needle, there is a good helmsman, friendship like it can not be overturned! This is the MathType Math formula editor!

With MathType, the god-like formula editor, editing formulas doesn't have to be laborious at all. No integral sign? MathType there! No Greek symbols? MathType there! Not congruent symbols? MathType there! MathType can do it if you want to. Do you still fear that the boat of friendship will turn over?

1. Integral symbol

The integral symbol can be tapped directly using the MathType template. Select the integral symbol you want in the "Limit template" and click Insert.

2. Greek symbols

Greek symbols can be entered directly in the panel, or can be entered using the keyboard.

Using the panel input: Click on the "Greek character" template in the MathType toolbar template where you need the Greek alphabet, which lists some commonly used Greek letters, just click Insert.

Enter with keyboard:

The shortcut key for the lowercase Greek alphabet is: ctrl+g+ the letter entered.

The shortcut key for uppercase Greek letters is: Hold down the ctrl+g first, and then release the letters that are entered by holding shift+.

Is the case of the Greek alphabet and the English alphabet comparison:

According to the table above, you can enter the Greek alphabet very simple.

3. Congruent Symbols:

(1) Select the double bottom line template in the bottom and top line templates.

(2) Select "Edit"--"insert symbol", in the caret window, select "View" as "description", in the display area choose the twist wavy line symbol, click "Insert", "close".

4.N Order Matrix

(1) After opening the software, select the square bracket template in the MathType bracket template.

(2) Place the cursor in parentheses and select the desired row and column template in the matrix template.

(3) Put the cursor outside the brackets, select the MathType superscript template, enter the letter N,n order matrix input is completed.

These are just some simple tricks, and with MathType, your formula is perfectly fine. You have these skills, but also afraid of small partners ignore you? Are you afraid that the friendship boat will turn over? There are mathtype to do the Poseidon needle, friendship ship said not to turn over! The crew will be more and more. If you need MathType, you can get to MathType free address to download.

With it, the boat of friendship said not to turn over!

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