With regard to the secondary development of ecshop, our predecessors have taught us some experience. how can we solve this problem?

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With regard to the secondary development of ecshop, the elders taught me some experience. as the interview blew me some awesome work, the supervisor gave me the company's mall code the next day, let me watch a few functional changes, but I will only write down small projects such as the message board. today I read the mall code all day long, everyone who wants to die has the experience of ecshop taught by their predecessors. how can they learn about the secondary development of ecshop?
As the interview blew me some pressure, the supervisor gave me the company's mall code on the second day of work. let me finish reading and modifying several functions.
Brother can only write down such a small project as the message board. today, I read the mall code all day, and I want to die.
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Why didn't you find that you are playing? In the second development, I have to figure out the structure first, instead of the structure? So now, you can see it all later. it depends on whether you can understand it or not. I have read the official website and it seems that there are no hand charts provided by the official website. it is up to you to dissect them.

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