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1, Word's start and shutdown

Startup: Start → program →microsoftword

Off: File → exit, close button

2, the Word window composition: Title bar, menu bar, toolbar, document window, status bar

3, turn on or off the toolbar: View menu → toolbar → select tool options (right-click toolbar → select tool option)

4, the basic production of text

1) Select Chinese character input method:

Method One: Mouse click on the taskbar "En" icon → Select Chinese character input method

Method Two: Ctrl+shift combination key Selection

2 The method of switching between Chinese and English: Ctrl + the space bar or in the input, the first letter input V, then input is English.

3 Chinese Character input methods: (Intelligent ABC Input method)

Enter the complete Hanyu Pinyin; for example the new century: Xinshiji

Enter the initials. For example, computer: JSJ

Enter the first word of the phrase complete pinyin and the initials of the latter word; For example, information: Xinx.

Use the number key to select Chinese characters; the first words are selected by the spacebar; the "+-" key is used to flip the page.

Ǔ with v in Pinyin; as female classmate: Nvtongxue

Enter one or two in uppercase ... 10 etc: io+ Digital

Repeat input: First enter the text you want to repeat → move the insertion point to the appropriate position → press F4 or ctrl+y.

4 the input of punctuation marks:

Chinese and Western punctuation choice:,. and,.

Input of common punctuation marks: comma,-title number ""-<>

Input of Special punctuation: Right click on the soft Keyboard icon to the right of the input method status bar → Select the punctuation mark.

5 Close the Soft keyboard method: Click the Soft Keyboard icon.

6 Save the file: File → save (save As);

The Save button on the Standard toolbar.

7 Open file: File → open → find range, filename → open.

5, on the machine operation: Enter the following text.

The first World Chinese student composition contest advertisement

Facing the dawn of the new Century, "The World Chinese Student Essay contest" came to us.

In the past successfully held four "national students ' ugly Duckling ' essay contest" on the basis of this competition will expand the scope of the competition for all Chinese students at home and abroad. The contest is held jointly by China Federation, TSU, Chinese Writing society, People's Daily (edition), China International Radio station and "21st Century student Composition" magazine, aiming at strengthening the exchange and communication between Chinese and foreign people in life and learning, active students ' extracurricular study life and displaying the mental outlook of Chinese students.

Section II Basic editing of text

Teaching Purpose: To learn the method of text editing, to master the setting and modification of text paragraphs.

Teaching Emphasis: The method of text editing; the setting and modification of text;

Teaching Time: 2 hours

Teaching steps:

1, the method of text editing

Insert text: ① with the keyboard move the cursor to the insertion text, ② Click the mouse cursor at the insertion text.

Enter special symbol: ① insert → symbol; ② right → shortcut menu "symbol"

Delete unwanted text: Press the DELETE key to delete the character following the cursor, and press BACKSPACE to remove the character before the cursor.

Select a text: Click the current row in the paragraph preference, double-click the current paragraph in the paragraph preference, and select the current segment at any point in the three-stroke paragraph.

Move or copy a piece of text

Move: selected text → cut → select target position → paste (or drag directly to the target location with the mouse selection)

Copy: selected text → copy → select destination → paste (or use the mouse to select Press CTRL key to drag directly to the target position)

6 Find or replace some text

Find: Edit → find → find content → find Next

Replace: Edit → replace → find content, replace with → find Next → replace (replace All)

2, the beautification of the text

Change font size, font, and color: Click the font size, font, and Color buttons on the toolbar.

Change the formatting of text: bold, italic, underline, character border, character shading, character scaling

Make text have special effects: Format → font (font, style, font size, emphasis, effect) → Dynamic effect

Change word spacing: Format → font → character spacing

Change the direction of text in a document: common toolbars → change text direction (format → text direction)

3. Simple typesetting

Adjust the alignment of a paragraph: Formatting toolbar → center, right, and split-aligned

Change leading: selected paragraph → format → paragraph → line spacing → OK

To set the first line indent and left and right edges of a paragraph: indent marks on the horizontal ruler

Change paragraph spacing: position paragraph → format → paragraph → indent and spacing → spacing (before and after paragraph) → OK

Machine operation: Complete the following text as required:


The snow went down all night. In the morning, the sky cleared up and the sun came out.

Mountains, trees, houses, all covered with a thick layer of snow, thousands of miles into the world of powder makeup jade. On the leaves of the willow, hung full of furry, shiny silver bar, winter and summer evergreen pine and cypress, piled full of fluffy loose, heavy snowball.

The snow on the main street was a foot deep and the feet were creaking. A group of children piled snowmen on the snow and threw snowballs. The shouts of joy almost shook the snow from the branches.

As the saying goes, "A snow Mega Harvest"


Create a new folder on the C disk and name it yourself.

Use Word to enter the article above

Title: Bold, Small, Lacoine 150%, bold, use "Fireworks bloom" effect

The first paragraph: official script, small number fourth, underlined

The second paragraph: Song body, small fourth, "fluffy loose" plus border

The third paragraph: italics, small fourth, italic

Fourth paragraph: Song, red, small fourth, "Snow trillion harvest" 5 words Add emphasis number, "slang" plus shading

Body spacing is 1.5 times times leading, 5 pounds before paragraph, 5 pounds after paragraph

Put the file in the filename "snow." DOC "is saved under the new folder in requirement 1.

Section III Establishment and editing of forms

Teaching Purpose: To study the production of forms, master the basic forms of editing.

Teaching emphases: The production of tables, the beautification and editing of forms.

Teaching Time: 2 hours

Teaching steps:

Three ways to create a table

1, make a simple form

On the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar, drag down with the mouse.

2. Draw the form manually

Right-click on the toolbar → table and Border toolbar, clicking the Draw Table button in the Standard toolbar, drawing a rectangular box on the text surface, drawing lines and slashes inside the table. Click the Erase button to erase the line.

3, the use of menu commands to create a table

Position the table with the cursor → table menu → insert table → Select the number of rows and columns and format → determine

Second, the form of beautification and editing

1, the form of beautification and modification

1 Click any cell in the table → table menu → table AutoFormat → select format → format to apply → apply special formatting to → OK

2) "View" menu → "toolbars" → "Tables and borders"

Use the table and Border toolbar to format the table: font, background, font color, alignment, line weight, border color, border settings, shading.

Right-click the table and select borders and shading to set

2. Edit the form

1 Increase row, column

positioning → Table menu → insert row, insert Column

2) Delete rows, columns

Select rows or columns → table menu → delete rows, delete columns

3 move row or column position: Selected → cut → position → paste

4 Split and merge of cells

Select → Table menu → split cells (enter number of rows, columns), merged cells

5 Draw slash head: Table → draw slash head → table header settings

6) Adjust row height and column width

To manually adjust row heights and column widths: Drag with the mouse

Adjusts the bottom row height and column widths of the entire table: Selected rows or columns → table menu → distribute rows evenly, distribute columns evenly

7 The conversion between the form and the text

Selection → table menu → convert a table to text, convert text to a table → select text Separator (select the number of columns, where to separate text) → Determine

Third, the machine operation: In accordance with the results of the table to implement the table



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

The first section of the Morning Chinese Mathematics Chinese Mathematics Language

Mathematics Foreign Language Mathematics Mathematics foreign language

Section III Physics Music computer Chemistry Biology

Fourth section Chemistry History Geography self-study Geography

Afternoon Fifth English Language art mathematics

The sixth section computer language physics history

Seventh class self-study physical and physical biology

Production Requirements:

1, the title is the official script, 42nd number;

2, the text in the lattice is founder Shu body, small number fourth;

3, the form of text format requires horizontal, vertical center.

Graphic mixed row

Teaching Purpose: To learn the image, text box insertion and the production of artistic words, master the skills of graphic mixed row.

Teaching Focus: Image, text box insertion and the production of artistic words, graphic mixed-line skills.

Teaching Time: 2 hours

Teaching steps:

One, the insertion of the WordArt

Show the Drawing toolbar: view → toolbar → drawing/Picture.

Method ①: Insert → picture → WordArt → select WordArt style → input text → select font → ok → resize WordArt.

Method ②: Click the Drawing toolbar button WordArt → Choose WordArt style → enter text → select font → ok → resize WordArt.

Inserting and modifying the text box

Insert method of this box ①: Insert → text box → horizontal (vertical) → In the need for the text box left-click to pull a box → input text.

Method ②: Click the Drawing toolbar button → The left key to the text box where you want it to press and pull a box → enter text.

Adornment of text box: Selection → format → text box → select color and line/Select the wrapping style of the text box.

Drop CAP Settings: Selected paragraph → menu format → drop cap, select in dialog box.

Third, the picture inserts and sets up

Insert → picture → clip art/From file → select path → select picture

Picture format settings: Selected → format → pictures → selection wrapping (optional Picture toolbar)

AutoShape Drawing Method: Click the Drawing toolbar button "AutoShape" → Select callout and other items in the graphic → in the place where needed left-click drag → adjustment → (can also enter text: ① direct input.) ② Right click on the graphic → select Add text)

Four, Page Setup

Header and footer settings: View → header and footer (double click to toggle).

Page number settings: Insert → page number → select position and alignment.

Page formatting: file → page settings → paper type → paper type small triangle Select model

Five, the machine operation:

㈠, file requirements:

1. Create a new folder on C disk; Rename the folder to the high school information technology exam.

2, in the "High Information Technology Examination" folder, create a new Word document with the name "Class + number" (for example: 30112); Open the document, enter the text of the second question (use Chinese character input Method not limited), according to the third question of the text, according to the second question required to edit the paragraph text.

This document is saved in the established Junior Information Technology Examination folder.

㈡, Design Bulletin:

1, the theme requirements: According to the content, highlighting environmental protection, their own life title. Use the appropriate art font and center.

2, layout requirements: Set the paper size of 16K, the margin of the page up and down each 2 cm, about 1.5 cm, and is illustrated.

3, paragraph settings: the article is divided into three paragraphs, the paragraph set to fourth in italics, and a reasonable layout;

4, picture settings: Word clip art Find a suitable picture, and inserted into the right corner of the appropriate position, and the picture is set to four-week surround;

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