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The meaning and concept of Word field

The word field's English meaning is a range, like a field in a database, which is actually some of the fields in a Word document. Each word field has a unique name, but it has a different value.

First, we understand several concepts related to the domain. A field is a variable in a document. Fields are divided into field codes and field results.

A field code is a string of domain characteristic characters, field types, domain directives, and switches; The field result is the information represented by the field code. The field results are updated automatically according to the changes in the document or the corresponding factors. A field feature character is a brace "{}" that surrounds the field code, which is not entered directly from the keyboard, and the key inserts the field feature character. The domain type is the name of the Word field, and the field directives and switches are instructions or switches that set how the field type works.

Second, the role of the domain

A field is a special command in Word that consists of curly braces, domain names (field codes), and option switches. Field codes are similar to formulas, and field options are special directives that trigger specific actions in a domain. If you use Word to work with a document in a clever domain, it will bring great convenience to us. In particular, the production of science and other test papers, has a formula editor can not be replaced by the advantages.

Many complex tasks can be accomplished with Word fields.

Mainly include: automatic page numbering, chart captions, footnotes, endnote numbers, inserting dates and times in different formats, inserting parts or whole of other documents in the active document by linking and referencing, and making text up-to-date without having to retype it; automatically creating catalogs, keyword indexes, tables of figures, and inserting document property information Implement automatic merging and printing of mails, perform addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations, create mathematical formulas, adjust text positions, etc.

Three, the following is a number of common domain-related knowledge

① lock/unlock domain operation

1, to lock a domain to prevent changes to the current field results by clicking the field, and then pressing the "CTRL+F11" key combination.

2, to unlock the domain to make changes to the method is: Click this field, and then press the "CTRL+SHIFT+F11" key combination.

② Show or hide field codes

1, show or hide the specified field code: first click the field or its result that needs to implement the field code, and then press the "SHIFT+F9" key combination.

2, show or hide all the field code in the document: Press the "ALT+F9" key combination.

③ Update Field Operations

When the fields in the Word document do not show the most current information, users should take the following steps to update them to get the new field results.

1. Update a single field: first click the field or field result that you want to update, and then press the F9 key.

2. Update all fields in a document: Perform the Select All command on the Edit menu, select the entire document, and then press the F9 key.

Alternatively, the user can perform the options command on the Tools menu, click the Print tab, and then select the Update field check box to enable Word to automatically update all fields in the document before each print.

④ unlink a domain

When you first select the contents of the domain and then press the "CTRL+SHIFT+F9" key combination to disassociate the field, the current field results become regular text (that is, all of the features of the domain), and then of course it cannot be updated again. If users need to update the information, they must insert the same field in the document to achieve the goal.

Four, Word field of several instance code

① create a two-yuan first-time equation set

1. First write the code for the first equation: {EQ R (3,x) +r (2,x) = R (6,y)}

2. Then write the code for the second equation: {EQ f (2,x) +f (5,y) = f (10,x)}

3. Merge each equation into one domain as an element, and add a switch to arrange it in two lines the field code is: {EQ a Al Co1 (R (3,x) +r (2,x) = R (6,y), F (2,x) +f (5,y) = f (10,x))

4. Finally, according to the rules of the formula, add a switch in the field code, add parentheses to the formula, and modify the parameters to produce this two-element equation group. The final code is: {EQ b lc {(a Al Co1 (R (3,x) +r (2,x) = R (6,y), F (2,x) +f (5,y) = f (10,x))

② Create an integral formula

1. First write out the internal square root code: {EQ R (2,x)}

2. Second, add the fractional switch code: {EQ F (r (2,x), 5)}

3. Finally add the integral switch, complete this integral formula, the code is: {EQ I (200,100,f (R (2,x), 5)) dx}

③ Edit EQ field code input fraction

It is easy to enter fractions in a Word document by editing the EQ field, for example, the steps for entering fractional four-fifths are as follows:

Step 1th, press CTRL+F9 at the appropriate location in the Word document to enter the EQ field edit state (that is, only a pair of curly braces), and then position the cursor in curly braces and enter the EQ field code "EQ F (3,4)".

Step 2nd, right-click the set of field codes, and click Switch field Codes on the Open shortcut menu to convert the EQ field code to standard fraction four-fifths.

You have to note: The EQ field code must be entered in the English half-width state.

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