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1. Using wildcard characters for fuzzy substitution

If you want to set all the text in the quotation marks ("") in the entire document to bold, you can use the wildcard substitution method:

① Use the edit → replace command to open the Find and Replace dialog box, click the Advanced button below, and then select the Use wildcard option.

② in the Find What box: After "*" (* symbol for any character,?) number represents 1 characters), click the "Replace with" box, and then press the lower end of the "format" button, and select the "Font" option, in the pop-up "Find Fonts" dialog box to set the font as bold after the determination;

③ Press the Replace All button to set the text within the full text quotation box to bold.

  2, the special symbol input

There are several ways to enter special symbols in word2000/xp, and we take "※" as an example to see how to enter Special symbols:

① Soft Keyboard method. Right-click the Chinese input method of the "soft keyboard" (general input methods are all with "soft keyboard"), select the "Special symbol" option, directly click on the symbol "※" the letter key can be;

② Automatic correction method. With the tools → AutoCorrect command, open the AutoCorrect dialog box, enter "MH" in the Replace box, enter "※" in the "Replace with" box, and press the "add" and "OK" buttons. After you enter "MH" and later text in the document, the system will automatically correct it to "※", if you really need to enter the letter "MH" (not so clever!), you can first enter "MHA" and the following text, and then "a" can be deleted;

③ the self-made lexical. Right-click the Chinese Input method (take "Wubi font" as an example) status bar, select the "Handmade word" option, open the "Handmade word" dialog box, enter "※" in the "Words" box, enter "MH" in the "Outside Code" box, successively Press "add" and "close" button, so that you can enter "※" when inputting "MH" in the input method.

④ with the Insert → symbol command, open the Symbol dialog box, find "※" in the "Generalized punctuation" sub set, and double-click it to enter.

  3. Quickly enter specific phrases

When we use WORD2000/XP for document editing, it's like a professional term, unit names and other specific phrases, in an article may be repeated input, if each time is a word (word) to enter the word, not only troublesome, slow, and error prone, but also difficult to enter the text of the consistency of each time. I use the word2000/xp "clipboard" function, to achieve a specific phrase of the one-time input, to achieve fast, accurate, consistent purpose.

① starts the WORD2000 and opens the Clipboard toolbar.

② selected phrases such as "Building law of the People's Republic of China", "" Construction Quality Management regulations "," construction project Quality Supervision "and so on) input to the document, and then one by one, with the" copy "command to add them to the Clipboard.

③ when you need a phrase, click the icon for the appropriate phrase on the Clipboard toolbar to enter the phrase at once.

④ It doesn't matter if you have too many phrases to remember exactly where a phrase is on the Clipboard, when you point the mouse at a phrase, the phrase appears at the bottom left, clicking the phrase you want (in Word XP, the Clipboard directly displays the contents of the phrase).

  4. Add notes to Word text

If you want to annotate a word's text (such as a new term, an abbreviation, and so on) and don't want the annotation to appear in the document, either of the following three methods can help you achieve:

① First select the text you want to annotate, with the Insert → comment command, open the annotation window, close it after you enter the comment text, and the text is shaded (not printed), and when the mouse is moved to the text, the comment text appears above the text;

② move the cursor after the text that you want to annotate, with the Insert → footnote or endnote command, open the Footnote or Endnote dialog box, OK after setting, the cursor moves to the lower left of the page text, enter the comment text, then a numeric ordinal appears after the above text, the cursor moves to the ordinal, the note text is displayed ( However, the annotation text appears below the document and can be printed.

③ If the annotation text is longer, we can store the annotation text (the picture can also) in a separate file (not in Word format). Then create a link: Select the text you want to annotate, and use the Insert → hyperlink command to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, in the text to display In the box on the right, enter the text you want to annotate, and in the box below the "type file name or Web page name", enter the detailed path and name of the previously created note text file (or you can use the "Browse" button to find it). By pressing the OK button, the text you want to annotate becomes blue with a drawing line (no Shadow To print the document), tap the text (you need to hold down the CTRL key in Word XP) to open the file that contains the note text directly.

  5, Word font carry

In daily Office, you often have to print a native Word document on another computer, if you are using the Windows system default font, printing on another computer is of course not a problem, but if the machine uses a different installed font and the other computer does not have the font installed, Then the printing will become the song body. To install the font on another computer, to print out the document correctly, we can do this by executing the tools → options command, opening the Options dialog box, clicking on the "Save" tab, and selecting "Embed TrueType fonts" so that the TrueType fonts used to create the document Files are saved together, and these fonts are still available to view and print documents when you open the document on another computer.


① if you want to achieve this, you must use a new style for the document;

② the font you want to embed can only be a true type font;

③ such a large volume of documents, in order to reduce the volume of the document, you can also select the "Embed characters only" option; ④ the embedded font text cannot be modified when the document is opened on another computer, otherwise the embedded font is lost.

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