WORD2003 markup index entries and the generation of indexes

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Word Document Tag Index entry

To index, you must first determine the index keywords, in this article, "Body", "style", "Chart", "header", "Footer", "index", "footnote", "Endnote", "Table of Contents," and so on as indexed keywords. Now I'm going to mark the index entry "body" as an example to explain the markup of the index entry and the generation of the index.

First select the word "body", and then press alt+shift+x at the same time, open the Open Tag Index Entry dialog box;

Click on all the tags in the dialog box so that all the "body" in the text will be marked as an index entry. Word will automatically check the tool-options-formatting tags-all, at this point many of the default hidden formatting tags will be displayed, do not worry, after we edit the index and then remove the formatting tags-all of the hook is good.

Generation of Word Document indexes

The indexed catalog can be officially generated after the index item tag Wencheng.

Click on the menu bar Insert-Reference-index and directory Open Index and Directory dialog box, select the Index tab in the dialog box, in the dialog box according to their preferences or the format of the paper required to set the format of the index, and finally click OK. The index format used in this article is "modern", "indented", and is divided into two columns, with the alphabetical first letter of the index entry as the sorting rule. It is necessary to note that to modify the format of an index, you can only select from template, and other formats are not modifiable.

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