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Word is an indispensable Office software for our office, because without it we may not be able to do many tasks. So now the clerks and office staff, the most basic is to be familiar with the use of Office Office software. Here, in order to improve the use of Word level, for everyone to provide word2003 and word2007 all the commonly used shortcut keys Daquan.

Common shortcut keys

Shortcut key action

Ctrl+shift+spacebar Create nonbreaking spaces

CTRL +-(hyphen) Create nonbreaking hyphens

Ctrl+b the characters into bold

Ctrl+i the character into italic

Ctrl+u underline characters

ctrl+shift+ to reduce font size

ctrl+shift+> Increase Font Size

CTRL+Q Delete paragraph formatting

Ctrl+spacebar Remove character formatting

CTRL + C Copy the selected text or object

Ctrl+x Cut the selected text or object

Ctrl + V paste text or object

Ctrl+z undo the last action

Ctrl+y Repeat Last Action

Shortcut keys Daquan

1. Keys for formatting characters and paragraph formatting

Shortcut key action

Ctrl+shift+f Change Font

Ctrl+shift+p Change font size

ctrl+shift+> Increase Font Size

ctrl+shift+< Decrease Font Size

CTRL +] Increase the font size by pound

ctrl+[decrease the font size by the pound

Ctrl+d change character formatting (Format menu, Font command)

SHIFT+F3 Switch Letter Case

Ctrl+shift+a the selected letter to uppercase

Ctrl+b Apply bold formatting

Ctrl+u Apply underline formatting

Ctrl+shift+w only underline words and words, and do not underline spaces

Ctrl+shift+h Apply hidden text formatting

Ctrl+i Apply italic formatting

Ctrl+shift+k the letters into small caps

ctrl+= (equal sign) apply subscript format (automatic spacing)

ctrl+shift++ (plus) apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing)

ctrl+shift+z character formatting from manual settings

Ctrl+shift+q the selected part to the symbol font

ctrl+shift+* (asterisk) shows nonprinting characters

SHIFT+F1 (click) to view text formatting to see the text in its format

CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy Format

CTRL+SHIFT+V paste Format

Ctrl+1 single Spacing

ctrl+2 double Spacing

Ctrl+5 1.5 times-fold spacing

Ctrl+0 add a line of spacing before a paragraph

Ctrl+e Paragraph Center

Ctrl+j Justify

Ctrl+l left-aligned

Ctrl+r Align Right

Ctrl+shift+d Distributed Alignment

Ctrl+m left paragraph indent

Ctrl+shift+m to remove the left paragraph indent

Ctrl+t Create a hanging indent

Ctrl+shift+t reduces the hanging indent amount

Ctrl+q Remove paragraph formatting

Ctrl+shift+s Apply Style

Alt+ctrl+k Start AutoFormat

Ctrl+shift+n Apply the Normal style

Alt+ctrl+1 Apply the Heading 1 style

Alt+ctrl+2 Apply the Heading 2 style

Alt+ctrl+3 Apply the Heading 3 style

Ctrl+shift+l Apply the list style

2. Keys for editing and moving text and graphics

Delete text and graphics

Shortcut key action

Backspace Delete one character to the left

Ctrl+backspace Delete one word to the left

Delete Deletes one character to the right

Ctrl+delete Delete one word to the right

Ctrl+x Cut the selected text to the Clipboard

Ctrl+z Undo the previous action

Ctrl+f3 cut to "spike"

Copy and move text and graphics

Shortcut key action

CTRL + C copy text or graphics

F2 (then move the insert to move the selected text or graphic point and press Enter)

ALT+F3 Create AutoText entries

Ctrl + V Paste the contents of the Clipboard

CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Paste the contents of the "graphics field"

Alt+shift+r the header or footer used in the previous section of the document

inserting special characters

Shortcut key action

CTRL+F9 Domain

Shift+enter line break

Ctrl+enter page Break

Ctrl+shift+enter Column Separator

CTRL +-Optional hyphens

ctrl+shift+-nonbreaking hyphen

ctrl+shift+ Space nonbreaking space

Alt+ctrl+c copyright symbol

Alt+ctrl+r registered trademark symbol

ALT+CTRL+T trademark Symbol

alt+ctrl+. (period) ellipsis

Select text and graphics

You can select text by holding down the Shift key and pressing the key that moves the insertion point.

Shortcut keys extend the selection to

shift+→ one character to the right

One character to the left of shift+←

ctrl+shift+→ the end of a word

ctrl+shift+← words start

Shift+end End of Line

Shift+home the beginning of the line

Shift+↓ Next Line

Shift+↑ on line

Ctrl+shift+↓ Duan Mei

Ctrl+shift+↑ Section Head

Shift+page down a screen

Shift+page up on one screen

Ctrl+shift+home at the beginning of the document

Ctrl+shift+end at the end of the document

Alt+ctrl+shift+page Down window End

CTRL + A contains the entire document

Ctrl+shift+f8+↑ or ↓ Vertical text block (Esc key to deselect mode)

f8+ arrow keys A specific location in the document (press ESC to deselect the selected mode)

Select text and graphics in the table

Shortcut key action

The TAB key selects the contents of the next cell

Shift+tab Select the contents of the previous cell

Hold down the SHIFT key and press an arrow key repeatedly to extend the selection to adjacent cells

Ctrl+shift+f8 and then press the arrow keys to extend the selection (or block)

Shift+f8 to narrow the selection

ALT + 5 on the numeric keypad select the entire table

(Num lock key needs to be turned off)

Move insertion point

Shortcut key action

← Move one character to the left

→ Move one character to the right

ctrl+← move one word to the left

ctrl+→ move one word to the right

Ctrl+↑ Move up a section

Ctrl+↓ Move down a section

Shift+tab one cell to the left (in a table)

Tab move one cell to the right (in a table)

↑ Move up One line

↓ Move down one line

End to line ends

Home moves to the beginning of the line

Alt+ctrl+page up move to top of window

Alt+ctrl+page down to the end of the window

Page up Move up one screen (scroll)

Page down one screen (scrolling)

Ctrl+page down to the top of the next page

Ctrl+page up move to top of previous page

Ctrl+end move to end of document

Ctrl+home move to the beginning of the document

Shift+f5 move to the previous revision; for the document you just opened, move to the location of the insertion point when you last closed the document

Move through a table

The shortcut key cursor moves to the

The next cell in the Tab line

Shift+tab the previous cell in a row

Alt+home the first cell in a row

Alt+end the last cell in a row

Alt+page up the first cell in a column

Alt+page down the last cell in a column

↑ Previous Line

↓ Next Line

Insert paragraphs and tabs in a table

Shortcut keys are inserted in a cell

Enter New paragraph

Ctrl+tab tab

3. Shortcut keys for working with documents

Create, view, and save documents

Shortcut key action

CTRL + N creates a new document of the same type as the current or most recently used document

Ctrl+o Open the document

Ctrl+w Close the document

Alt+ctrl+s Split document window

Alt+shift+c Undo Split Document Window

Ctrl+s Save Document

Find, replace, and browse text

Ctrl+f find text, formatting, and special items

Alt+ctrl+y Repeat lookup after closing the Find and Replace Window

Ctrl+h alternate text, special formatting, and special items

Ctrl+g to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, note, graphic, or other location

Alt+ctrl+z back to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, annotation, graphic, or other location

Alt+ctrl+home Browse Documents

Undo and redo Actions

ESC Cancel Operation

Ctrl+z Undo Action

Ctrl+y Recovery or repeat operation

Switch to another view

Alt+ctrl+p Switch to Page view

Alt+ctrl+o Switch to outline view

Alt+ctrl+n Switch to Normal view

CTRL + move between a master document and a subdocument

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