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Today's Word 2013 tutorial is a way to translate in English and Chinese. English is now very common, if your document needs to translate Chinese into English or your documents need to translate English into Chinese, so as long as your computer room network, you can achieve rapid translation, than you go to a sentence of the translation is much faster, of course, if the translation of a sentence is not very accurate you can also choose the manual translation, Should be in the view of the time Word 2013 also has a contrast with the original features, super convenient operation steps are very simple oh,

1. First use Word 2013 to open a document that needs to be translated, and this tutorial will be an example of translating Chinese into English. "Review"-"Language"-"translation"-"Choose a Translation language". As shown in Figure 1

(Figure 1)

2. Pop-up dialog box "Select Document Translation Language"--"translate to" in the box Drop-down select "English (United States)", and then click "OK", as shown in Figure 2, Figure 3

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

3. The "language" as indicated in Figure 4 below--"translation"--"translation document" Chinese (China) to English (USA) ""

(Figure 4)

4. To the pop-up warning box "translation of the entire document" point "send"

(Figure 5)

4. After a few seconds will see the English translation we need. As shown in Figure 6, as long as your mouse is placed in a certain sentence of English, in this sentence near the English language will appear in the original text (Chinese) for you to compare, and this sentence of English will appear eye-catching yellow background in order to distinguish, then you can according to their own experience or professional vocabulary to modify the translation manually. Of course, if you need to have these translations in your document, you must first copy the English pages to your document. There are open Web pages used by the browser will be your usual browser oh, so a, relieved. Is it more worry to learn this?!

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