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Bracket [' bræk?t] n. bracket; brackets; Vt. to enclose together; into the same category;

Brackets N. bracket; square brackets;

(): parenthesis [P? ' Renθ?s?s]
[]: square brackets [skwe?]
<>: angle brackets [' æ?g (?) L]
{}:brace [bre?s]N. pillars; [language] curly braces; Vt. Brace up;

Optimize VT. Make the most optimization, make perfect VI. Be optimistic about the optimization;
Consult Vt. to be consulted; Ask VI. To consult or counsel with;
Wasted effort not working hard
Integrate Vt. Make... To make a complete; into the whole;
Compress uncompress vt. Compress, press, compact
Efficient low-efficient
Annex Vt. To attach to, acquire, or swallow
Condition conditions, circumstances, environment, identity

Variable [' Ve?r?? B (?) L
Equity [' Ekw?t?]
calculate [' kælkj?le?t] calculate on expectation;
Stored procedures
Aggravate [' ægr?ve?t] vt. Aggravate, worsen, exacerbate, exacerbate, provoke
fake [Fe?k] n. Fakes, cheats, false movements adj. forged VT. Fabricated
Custom Search Customization
Alternative adj. alternative; selective; alternating.
Billing Address
Delivery Address
diaper [' da?? P?] Diapers
Gamble [' GÆMB (?) L] Gambling
promotion [PR? ' M??? n] n. Promotion, promotion
Quote [kw?? T] quotation; quote;
Contract [' k?ntrækt] contract;
Integration [? NT? ' Gre?? (?) n] Integration; synthesis
Compatible [k?m ' Pæt?b (?) L] compatible; able to coexist;
dimensions [d? ' The men?? NZ] n. Size, size
Polaroid [' Pol?,r?? D] n. Man-made polarizer; [Light] Polarizer
Glyph [Gl?f] n. glyphs; image characters
Envelope [' Env?l?? P] n. Envelopes, wrappers
Collapsible [k? ' LÆPS?BL] adj. foldable; detachable
Gantt [gænt] adj. Gantt (chart) design
calendar [' Kæl?nd?] N. calendar; [day] calendar; calendar
Vt. Will... To be included in a table; Schedule in
Profile [' PR?? FA?L] n. side; profile; profile; profiles; profiles
Mandatory [' Mænd?t (?)    R?] Adj A. Mandatory;
Marquis [' Mɑ:kwis] Marquis, nobleman
Validator [' Vali,deit?] N. validators;
Redundant [R? '] D?nd (?) NT] adj. superfluous, excess;
Penguin [' Pe?gw?n] n. Penguins; Air Force ground crew
Desert [' dez?t; d? ' Z?? T] Vt. Abandon, give up, Escape, N. Desert;
Duplicate [? DJU?PL?KE?T] Vt. to duplicate n. a copy; a duplicate.
prompt [Pr?m (P) t] Vt. N. A hint or a spur;
Scalable [' Ske?l?b (?) L] Expandable
scale [Ske?l] n. size; proportion;
muted [' mju?t?d] adj. Soft, wordless, slow
initialism [? ' N?? (?) L?z (?) M] N. Acronyms
cite [SA?T] Vt. N. A citation or a summons;
Capitalize [' kæp?t?la?z] vt. To make capitalized; write in uppercase letters;
striped [stra?pt] adj. striped;
Divider [d? '        Va?d?] N. [gauge] divider; a spacer; a compass.
Crumb [KR?M] vt. Crush N. Crumbs, crumbs
pagination [, Pæd?? ' Ne?? (?) N] N. Mark the number of pages;
Badge [Bæd?] Vt. To grant to ... Coat of arms N. badge; badge; mark
Jumbotron [' d?? MB?UTR?N] n. The big screen of the TV
Annex [? ' NEKS] Vt. To be attached or obtained;
Carousel [, Kær? ' Sel -' Zel] n. Carousel
Affix [? ' F?KS] Vt. Stick N. Additional material
Chapter [' T?æpt?] N. Chapter, back
Weird [w?? d] adj. weird; strange;
Stamp [STÆMP] n. stamps; imprint; Vt. To mark or stamp on;
Frustrate [fr? ' Stre?t; ' fr?s-] Vt. To frustrate, frustrate, or cause to despair
Synopsis [s? '] N?ps?s] n. Outline, outline
Automatically [,?: T? '    Mæt?kl?] Adj. adv. Self-consciously, mechanically, unconsciously
Community [k? '    Mju?n?t?] N. community; [ecological] communities;
Agora [' Æg?r?] N. a market; a rally.
Headset [' Hedset] n. Headphones; head-mounted receiver
Mustache [M? '        Stɑ??] N. Beard
enumeration [?, Nju?m? ' Re??? N] N. Enumeration;
Principal [' Pr?ns?p (?) l] adj. the main; capital
Trigger [' Tr?g?] Vt. To cause to be triggered;
Accordion [? ' K?? D?? n] adj. collapsible
Priority [PRA??]    R?t?] N. Priority; priority
Encrypt [en ' kr?pt] vt. Will...... Translate into a password
Chaotic [Ke? '? T?K] adj. Chaotic, disordered, disorderly
Revised [R? '] VA?ZD] adj. Improved v. modification; revision;
Certificate [s? '] T?F?K?T] n. Certificate; license, Diploma
Subsidy [' s?bs?d?] N. subsidies; allowances; grants
Exclude [? k ' sklu?d; ek-] vt. Exclusion, rejection, rejection, expulsion
Iterate ['? T?re?t] Vt. Repeated, repeated, repetitive, iterative, repeating
Exclusive [? k ' sklu?s?v; ek-] adj. exclusive or exclusive;
numeric [Nju? ' MER?K] n. number adj numeric value (equal to mumerical);
See ALSO refer to; see Also

Work commonly used in English word sorting 2

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