Workaround for hard drive not found when installing ubuntu16.04 with HP dl388e server with b320i array card

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The HP dl388e server cannot find the hard disk when it is installed ubuntu16.04, the installation cannot proceed.
When HP dl388e starts, it presses F10 to install the system, but discovers that the machine only supports systems from Microsoft, Redhat, SuSE Linux, VMware exsi, and UBUNTU16 cannot be installed.
Since the installation prompt cannot find the hard disk, then find the HP dl388e disk display card hp Dynamic Smart Array b320i driver to solve it, turn on agent with Goole search constantly search for the driver under Ubuntu, Finally found two articles and drivers, according to the results of their operation or not success. (article link 1: link 2:https:// Interested can try this method in the end is not feasible.
Tossing for a long while, suddenly thought is not able to smart Dynamic Smart Array as a common card, restart the machine press "F9" into the BIOS settings, enter the system options, find the HP Dynamic Smart Array b320i settings , select "Disable", while the "SATA Controller options" To select the AHCI mode, save the configuration restart the machine, with the Ubuntu CD Boot can normally find the server standard hard drive. ubuntu16.04 installation completed successfully.

In the era of popular cloud hosting, and then use the old server to install a new version of the operating system, took a lot of detours, close-up this article record.

Workaround for hard drive not found when installing ubuntu16.04 with HP dl388e server with b320i array card

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