Workaround for installing oracle11g INS-30131 to perform setup validation required initial setup failure

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each project environment can not be built without the installation of the Oracle database, then the installation of the ORACLE11G database appears [INS-30131] The initial setup required to perform setup validation failed. What should I do?
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The first step:
Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Administrative Tools > Services >server Startup

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Step Two:

1. Click Start and Run, enter Regedit, and enter the registration editor
2. Locate and click Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\lanmanserver\parameters
3. If AutoShareServer and AutoShareWks are 0, modify the value to 1

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Step Three:
Restart the computer [or restart the Server service without restarting the computer]

Fourth Step:

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into the Oracle installation directory, right-click to select Administrator to run.

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Install oracle11g INS-30131 Troubleshoot initial setup failures required to perform setup verification

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