Workaround for XP desktop icons not displaying correctly

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It is possible that when you create a Windows XP system, you take into account only its stability and do not think too much about it in other ways, so the user has a large and small problem with the XP system. Today, the small editing computer to find the desktop Quick Launch bar display Desktop icon disappeared. is a puzzling problem, not calm small make up to colleagues to consult the method, it really works, not the computer for a big repair, unexpectedly really restored, restarted a bit, really restored. The following small series to share with everyone about the Windows XP system desktop icons disappear solution, interested users may wish to study under!

The method is as follows:

1, the mouse clicks the XP system computer desktop "starts" the menu, chooses "runs" the option;

2, in the Open Run dialog box input regsvr32/n/i:u shell32.dll character command, press ENTER;

3, pop-up "Shell32.dll in the DllInstall Success" window, indicating that the data has been written to the registry;

4, if the desktop icon has not yet been displayed, open the running window again, enter%homepath%application datamicrosoftinternet explorerquick launch character command, press ENTER;

5, in the folder window blank place the right mouse button "new", "Text document";

6, open the new text document, the following content to copy in






7, click the "Close" button, in the pop-up "want to save the file" window, click "Yes" button;

8, click on the menu bar "Tools"-"Folder Options";

9, switch to the "View" tab, in the Advanced Settings list to find and uncheck "Hide known file type extension", click "OK" key;

10. Right-click to rename the new text document. txt, and modify it to show the desktop. SCF, press ENTER;

11. Prompt "If you change the file name extension, it may cause the file to be unavailable. Are you sure you want to change it? " dialog box, click "Yes" button!

The above is the Windows XP system desktop icons disappear solution, as long as a few steps to set up, you can restore the original, really very simple, come and see it!

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