World Cup diary with teeth burst (playing with fire, burning the World Cup in Brazil)

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Uruguay Vs Ghana started. It's hard to see it. Look, it's boring. No, how can I sleep at this time. Forget it. Write blogs.

A few minutes later, my ass was not hot, and my attention was not concentrated yet. Although Brazil is well shot clean, what are Dutch defenders doing? The two guards did not close, and they seemed indifferent. The ball is in progress, and everyone is still not very excited and busy. It's just like a joke from the White Crow: one in ten minutes. I think this is a knockout competition. It is totally a group stage atmosphere.

Yes, everything is easy. Almost no decent offense can be organized in the Netherlands, while Brazil is easy to handle. The off-site performances of Dunga, like the old horse, have caused a burst of laughter, brazil has ended the first half. In the middle of the day, I think of an unfinished design. I took out my notebook and started to compete against each other. I can see how easy it is, and I am not nervous at all.

At the beginning of the second half, Brazil was still very easy. It was easy to make mistakes in the front of the defense team, but mistakes were made and the team members did not matter. As the ball became easier and easier, more and more mistakes were made. The more difficult it was to watch the ball, the more the Netherlands scored the goal and scored the goal. Good luck! I applaud, but you should have played well in Brazil!

It's still me, and even worse. I was wondering whether Brazil was willing to drag it into the penalty and the Netherlands scored again. Well, I raised my hand and turned to the White Crow's mouth wide and stunned. The slow camera came out, and it was strange that the shortlisted players put the ball in the top of a group of Brazilians. The ball is neither fast nor sudden. Why are Brazilians not moving? Why?

I still believe that Brazil will win, as long as they are serious. I am not serious at, but I am always serious after. Well, now Brazil is in a hurry. seriously, we have to make a serious transition. From the ease of the entire audience to the violent competition. At 1 minute 1 second, when the whistle sounded, Brazil paid for its pride and pride.

Brazil has lost. From the point of view, it is not worthy of sympathy when you deserve your back. But when I thought about it, he burned the World Cup.

What is the level of Brazil's half-region? Uruguay barely beat South Korea, Ghana barely beat the United States, and the Netherlands cannot organize a decent attack in front of Brazil. In this half-zone, only Brazil can have a pleasant performance, or it has the potential to play a very creative football. He is playing with fire, which means that the final side is Uruguay, Ghana, or the Netherlands with no attack power. This means that the final side is already qualitative, with no hope or fantasies, which means, the finals of the current World Cup have nothing to watch, and there is no hope that an even-power showdown will be held, because Uruguay, Ghana, and even the Netherlands have no peak strength and potential.

Brazil has the strongest strength. It was originally a fierce competition in Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and England. The final king met Brazil in the finals, and both winning and losing were beautiful pictures. For example, I tried to pass all the way through Argentina and finally destroy Brazil. As a result, Brazil became a hit, and the screen turned into a race across Argentina. The last boss appeared in Ghana. World Cup finals: Argentina vs Ghana ...... Fart! Even in the Netherlands, the current garbage Netherlands is interesting?

Tomorrow, Argentina vs. Germany. The two most passionate and promising teams in this World Cup are also the two most resentful teams, and my two favorite teams in this World Cup.

After Ade's war, there should be another one to watch. for Spain, and later, if the finals of Holland, Holland, and Holland are still to be seen, but the objective expectations have plummeted, so:

Tomorrow, the finals are over.

Tomorrow, everyone wins.

I hope Argentina will not sleep, and Germany will continue to be gorgeous;

I hope that the winners will be upright and the losers will be defeated;

I hope one party will go wild and the other party will shed tears;

The most important thing is that I hope that the referee will not show off the limelight any more. Please, it will destroy the battle between Britain and Germany. Let's leave a battle of the World Cup!

Because, because the shit Brazilian TMD is playing with fire, there is no hope in front, no boss.

PS: Maybe the final finals will be Uruguay Vs Paraguay. There is nothing impossible. You will give me a perfect Ade battle with great strength!

We are preparing for the release. I saw the best one minute in Uruguay and Ghana. Haha, let's take a look at the penalty.

Ji 'an, who threw a four-strong penalty kick just one minute ago, was launched and kicked in. It's just a matter of fact, he has been conquered, and he has fallen to the same place to climb up. If you don't want to talk about anything else, you can leave it alone !!!

Zhang Ying said that he was very touched and remembered Italy and Bajo in 94 years. Well, this is the cruelty of football and the charm of drama.

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