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Team Programming Summary

in software development, many projects are done in a team-work way. Team projects are different from personal software development, which requires team members to collaborate. Through this team work has a deeper understanding of the team programming, no longer confined to the textbook introduction, with the opportunity to experience the actual.

the team's discussion mechanism

in this project, in order to mobilize everyone, the team set up a discussion mechanism. When the project was approved, everyone sat together and expressed their views, and judged the rationality by everyone. In this discussion to make their ideas to achieve the first to have enough convincing, so that the wisdom of the people can better make it perfect. I also put forward my idea, I want to design a function for the calculation of the software, but carefully think in such a short period of time and everyone is still the first cooperation need to run, so in this project to give up.

Team Division

in the team, everyone has their own things. My main task is programming, and part of the code I designed. In peacetime design software, if more complex I will be the classification of functions, different classes responsible for different functions, so the hierarchy is also easy to analyze. In this team work, the code we design is combined, so this modular design comes in handy. I use a combination of several classes to accomplish some of these functions, and other teammates use this function only to build objects using this class, and then invoke the methods to implement this module. For a more detailed explanation, I take this project as an example.

I completed the data section, including the building of the data structure, the addition of statistics, and the search section. Because the target location is to be positioned before the calculation, the target time zone is searched first, because the data is still more, and I have added all the countries and cities in the world to the data collection. In order to make the program easier to read and to facilitate subsequent computations, I will return search results here after the search is complete.

the establishment of data content, here think of different ways to achieve, first think of the database, but because the beginning of learning has not reached the standard of application so did not use; later thought to use a file to store this write data information, considering that the data volume comparison of large file read and write will be relatively time-consuming , so the final use of the collection method to write the data directly into the program, so in addition to the initial initialization of the object will take some time, later in the search efficiency is reflected, and just start the software after the selection of the region, this time just to complete the initialization work.

In the class design aspect, each class level is clear, is easy to expand, modifies. In the accessibility of the special design, in order to make it easier for teammates to use, I just need to build an object to do all the functions required, the interface of the method used by the teammates to set the public type, so that the method can be found and used, other methods are internally called, Just imagine that if you don't set this up a bit, your teammates will point out a whole bunch of methods and use only a few of them.

After the program design is played, through a series of tests, the next step is to combine different programs together, we put different classes of files in the same project, then the program's designers are present, because of their own this piece is very familiar with, If the need to call to their own this piece can be described without first understanding the entire code, which greatly improves the efficiency of the program when combined. There is also a benefit, when the program is combined with the new requirements, in the interface display part also uses the regional collection of data, I was in the presence of my this piece of the class file in the processing of data, specifically for this requirement has been designed, and provides the use of interfaces. This allows the problem to be solved earlier.

Software Introduction

This project is a world time converter, you can convert two regions of the world time, the usual use of such software, can only achieve in China's current time to see the corresponding time in other regions, there are limitations. If you want to be a foreign region in the future of a certain time to the Chinese time conversion will need to manually calculate, such as Microsoft has a conference, foreign events, you want to watch the live broadcast in the first time, the software comes in handy, you do not have to manually calculate the foreign region corresponding to the domestic time. And not just in China, two of the options can be chosen at will and are optional. Use areas can be entered in the drop-down list, or manually entered, select the time, will pop up a calendar style selection, after the selection of two regions can also be exchanged.


In the team work to the overall situation, in the completion of their own work should also consider the cooperation with other team members, as far as possible effective use of team members ' respective advantages, so as to achieve better goals.

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World time converters for Team programming

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