Would you please tell me whether I am good at learning vc++6.0 or. NET? What's the difference? Thanks, __.net.

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Q: Excuse me, I'm studying vc++6.0 . yes, or. NET good. What's the difference. Thank you

and a SQL server2000 . or SQL Server, it.

A: To combine the characteristics of these two languages/platforms with their own professional interests, as well as the development of technology trends to choose.

First, for now, VC6 is the preferred language for developing low-level software or generic software that runs on Windows2000 and Windwos XP platforms, which require higher efficiency and less memory overhead. For example, graphics driver, WPS, Notepad, ie and so on.

and. NET is used for enterprise application development, compared with the program developed by VC6. NET developed programs require faster development efficiency and better adaptation to business changes, while performance and efficiency are second. For example, corporate websites, financial management software and so on.

So if you are inclined to manage the development of information systems,. NET is better than VC. Conversely, if you like the underlying programming, it is better to learn VC.

Second, it is wrong to say, "learn C + +, understand oop, and then easily go to. NET". If you say object oriented,. NET is 100% object-oriented, and C + + is neither fish nor fowl, so direct learning. NET better. In fact. NET or VC is much easier. The reason is very simple. NET attaches great importance to rapid development to meet the needs of enterprise applications. In fact, whatever it is. NET language--#, VB. NET language, or a. NET development tool, or a. NET class library, it is much more useful than VC and VC Class library MFC.

Third, in the next-generation Windows operating system Vista,. NET will become the base environment, replacing the present VC6 status. Can say "is the world of. NET". And the VC6 of the Windows 2000 era will be history.

As for the SQL Server problem, it is best to learn the 2005 version, but the 2005 version of the textbook is relatively small, and 2000 version of the is a lot of classic. If you're a beginner, you'll certainly learn from basic SQL statements, T-SQL languages, and basic tools, which have no fundamental changes in version 2005. Therefore, the study of the 2000 version of the best, because there are many textbooks.

Of course, if you have better conditions, direct Learning 2005 version of the better. In fact, the database of this thing is basically still SQL statements and SQL expansion language programming is the core, learn the 2000 version, you can easily move to version 2005 or any other database.

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